A Tribute to Georg Hegelmann

In February of 2017, I met Georg Hegelmann for the first time in the chatroom for New Visions Radio and little did I know just what that would mean. The most obvious was that Ready for Love radio would be syndicated on Fame Music Radio in South Africa and would be streamed to 159 countries, 5 days a week and tens of thousands of people. It also meant that I would have the opportunity to do a live show with Georg once a month that would be heard by far more people than I could’ve dreamed possible. But the funny thing, that pales in comparison to the fact that it meant I would make such a great friend in Georg. He became a great friend and mentor. And no matter how silly I felt a question may be, he always gave me a great answer and helped me improve the quality of my show. In turn I helped him with promotional questions, co-hosted the Voices Across the Air request show and sat in other times when he needed me – including 6 hours on New Years Eve 🙂

Georg has been sick for the last few months and it seemed like he had the flu and maybe pneumonia. I’d gotten more concerned the last month when he wanted to cut a show short or when he cancelled live shows, because that just wasn’t like him and I sent him messages to check on him. His messages were more sporadic but he stayed in touch to let me know how he was and I did everything I could to help him on air. Last Friday he contacted me to let me know he was checking into the hospital and we caught up on how he was doing and what he expected to happen, including that the doctors would be doing tests and thought it had all turned to cancer. I ended by letting him know I missed him and he said he missed me too. He said, bye for now and would keep me updated. That’s the last I heard from him. Monday morning, we got word that he had died.

The entire Fame Music Radio family has been shaken to its core and I don’t have words – but will try to share my thoughts on this episode of Ready for Love Radio. This is my tribute to my friend Georg Hegelmann. I’ve taken the recording of our very first show together and pulled out parts that I think showcase some great moments with Georg and I’m going to share them with you. There was plenty of tears and laughter while I worked on this – I hope you will enjoy it too.  Feel free to share your comments below.

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You can donate to the family for burial and hospital expenses here – https://www.youcaring.com/georghegelmann-1163568

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