G Spot Certification – Yes It Does Exist

The elusive G-Spot – does it exist, is it a myth, did women make it up just to terrorize men? Yes, no and no 🙂

The G-Spot does exist and it was identified and named after Ernest Gräfenberg. To really blow apart the myth that women made up the G-Spot – men have a G-Spot too.

This course talks mainly about the female G-Spot, what it is, where it is and maybe most important — how to find it. There are details about female ejaculation – and yes it is possible.

Have you heard of PC muscles? These are muscles that can improve your lovemaking – for you and your lover and they also make G-Spot ejaculation more possible and more intense. It seems the biggest problem with the G-Spot is that many people don’t know where it is and how to find it. This is a very simple explanation, but it is only part of the process of finding and stimulating the G-Spot – there is a 10 step process that is described in detail in this course – with diagrams 🙂

The G-spot area is located inside the woman’s vagina, about a third of the way in-between the vaginal opening and the cervix. It’s somewhere between 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall so imagine a small clock inside the vagina and you’ll find the G-spot between 11 and 1 o’clock (with 12:00 pointing towards the navel).

It has a ridged texture to it and responds to gentle stroking. The G-spot is also known as the female prostate gland, and unlike the male prostate gland, which has only two ducts, the G-spot has over 32 much smaller ducts. In many women, once properly stimulated, the G-spot can provide a very powerful orgasm.

Some women claim that stimulation of the G-spot can produce a longer, deeper, more powerful orgasm than a clitoral orgasm. The clitoral orgasm is felt like a release of tension in the genitals while the G-spot orgasm is felt throughout the body with more physical and emotional release. The G-spot also requires slower stimulation than the clitoris.

The woman should empty her bladder before beginning, especially since stimulation of the G-spot often creates the sensation of having to urinate. It’s ideal for her to lie on her back with her pelvis raised by a pillow as well. Put your thumb on her pelvic mound or clitoris and insert your middle or forefinger inside her vagina, palm up, in a “come hither” motion. Pay close attention and monitor the feelings in your fingers while searching for the G-spot. Push gently on the outer third of the vagina’s top region, between the vaginal opening and the cervix. When you touch a small, ridged patch area, your partner may feel sensitive, as if she needs to urinate. If her bladder is empty, the sensitive feeling will pass and be replaced with intense, pleasurable feelings.

One common question men or women ask is – how will I know when I find it? This course answers that question in great detail.

If you are a woman, you should take some time to try to find your G-Spot and then you can help your lover find it. If you have a hard time reaching it yourself – there are all kinds of sex toys that are made for the G-Spot. Some are better than others and Dr Ava explains a number of them in the course – one of the best is the We-Vibe. Once your lover masters the G-Spot orgasm – you can move on to a trigasm.

If you are a man or a woman and you want to learn all about the G-Spot – I highly recommend you check out this course. You download the course materials and can study in the privacy of your own home.

For much more information about this course and to learn how to find and stimulate your G-Spot or your lover’s G-Spot, visit https://www.loveologyuniversity.com/ShortCourseDetails.aspx?CourseID=42

This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Learn Exactly How to Find and Stimulate the G-spot
  • You want to Know the Difference Between a G-spot Orgasm and a Clitoral Orgasm
  • You want to How Woman can Ejaculate from the G-spot
  • You want to Find and Stimulate the Male G-spot

Welcome to Loveology University’s G-spot Certification Course. Aside from learning exactly what the G-spot is, you will learn: what it is made of, where it is located, what its function is, how it differs in different women, the best techniques and positions for stimulation. You will be taught how to find your own G-spot and how to find your lover’s G spot, sex toys designed to stimulate the G-spot and the various emotional and physical responses to G-spot stimulation. Just as important is how to communicate emotions that come up during G-spot arousal. By the end of this course you’ll be an expert on all aspects of the G-spot including G-spot orgasm and how it differs from clitoral orgasm. You’ll recognize that some women experience ejaculation during G-spot orgasm and learn about the scientific evidence behind female ejaculation.

For much more information about this course and to learn how to find and stimulate your G-Spot or your lover’s G-Spot, visit https://www.loveologyuniversity.com/ShortCourseDetails.aspx?CourseID=42

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