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Flirting is a favorite activity of many men and women. But how good are you at reading his or her body language when they are flirting? Their words may say “yes” but their body language says “no”.

Flirting body language is complicated to understand and is often misinterpreted. Men flirt in different ways compared to women. How can you tell if someone is flirting with you? Does she like me? Is he interested in me? Read on for facts and tips to understand flirting signals.

Flirting Men

There are five standard body signals that indicate a man is flirting: eye contact, raising the eyebrows, giving the masculine impression, touching self, and leaning towards

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Body Language by Men


The first sign of attraction a man gives is catching your eye. If he moves on to watch another person and doesn’t look back at you, it means that he is not interested. If he glimpses at you, looks away, and then back at you again, it is a very clear indication he is attracted to you. Sometimes, eye contact doesn’t mean anything. But, if it lasts longer, it means something is running through his mind – you. The second signal, raising the eyebrow is not a very strong indication and most of the time it is done unconsciously. It often means that he finds you interesting or sexy.

The third flirting sign is that a man squares his shoulders and tries to stand tall and straight. When sitting, his feet and legs are apart. A man also tends to hook his thumbs over his belt or through his belt loop. These actions show his masculinity, with hopes that he would acquire admiration from you.

Lastly, a man who is attracted to you tries to get closer to you or lean his body towards you. This can be done intentionally or unconsciously.

Flirting Women

Research shows that women give body language signals five to six times more than men. Women give many signs they are flirting and these are easy to spot. The most common action is preening. A woman tends to play, stroke or comb her hair and sometimes toss it over her shoulder. A strong flirting preening action is when a woman uses her lips in her flirting. Licking the lips, eating slowly, drinking with poise while having eye contact, and putting on lipstick can easily seduce a man.

Slowly crossing or stroking the legs is a clear intentional flirting action by women. She may tend to adjust her clothes to expose more skin. Playing with an object, like a glass, can be a sign she likes you. But make sure she is looking at you while doing it, otherwise it means she is not interested.

“I like You”

The general signs saying that he or she is interested in you include; smiling, longer eye contact, preening, licking the lips, raising the eyebrows, playing with the hair, looking away and then back again, leaning toward you, head slightly tilted, mirroring your actions, good posture, frequent nodding, laughing, and many more. If you spot these signs, its a great time to take the next step.

“I’m Really Not Interested”

How would you know if that quick glance did not mean anything and a connection is not happening? Watch out for these body language signals; looking away and not looking back, looking at other people, slouching, sighing loudly, passive expression, playing with an object without looking at you while you talk, dull eyes, crossing the arms, and the like.

Body language can be a strong reinforcement of messages especially during flirting, seduction, and dating. Each person has different ways to express their desires, but most of these actions have general meanings that are easy to decipher and learn. Use the tips above to get started and with practice you will become a body language expert.

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