Expectations and Boundaries with Benjamin Ritter

Expectations and Boundaries with Benjamin Ritter on Ready for Love Radio

Expectations and Boundaries are so important in our relationships be so many people don’t discuss these things with their significant other and this can and does cause them so many problems. In this podcast on Ready for Love radio, I’ll speak with Benjamin Ritter and we will discuss both these topics in detail.

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These are some of the things we’ll discuss

  • How did Benjamin get into a relationship based field?
  • What does he do and how does he help people?
  • What are expectations in relationships?
  • What are boundaries in relationships?
  • What are unrealistic expectations and why should be avoid them?
  • What are some examples of not being true to our expectations?
  • What are the benefits of communicating our expectations  in our relationships?
  • How do we figure the expectations we need from our partner?
  • Why do we sometimes let our partner ignore our expectations?
  • Why is it bad to let our partner ignore our expectations and boundaries?

Visit Benjamin’s Website – http://www.benjamin-ritter.com 

About Benjamin Ritter – 

Benjamin Ritter has worked in the fields of public health, interpersonal development, and healthcare for the past 8 years. The last 2 years he has worked as an executive at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth benjamin-ritterMedical Center (PSMEMC), and runs his own consultancy practice focused on interpersonal development, dating and relationships. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Loyola University Chicago, and a joint master’s degree in entrepreneurial management and health policy administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is currently pursuing an educational doctorate in the field of organizational leadership from Pepperdine University.

Benjamin Ritter has cultivated his leadership skills through personal and professional experiences. He completed 6 months of public health professional leadership training through a University of Illinois at Chicago Maternal and Child Health grant, and a 16 month leadership training program, Emerging Leaders, through PSMEMC. Through his career working in interpersonal development he has also solidified mentoring, coaching, and teaching techniques towards creating, and sustaining positive behavioral change.

Benjamin Ritter is the author of the book The Essentials – your one stop shop to life improvement and success with women, host of a live dating and relationship advice show through Dose.com, curator of the Interfaith Relationships workshop, the Value Systems workshop, and the co-host of the Suave Lover podcast; featured multiple times as a top podcast in the area of Sexuality on iTunes, and host of the Live for Yourself podcast. He is a freelance writer in the topics of interpersonal development, dating, and relationships for Huffington Post, AskMen, TheGoodMenProject, ManTalks, and Elite Daily, and has been featured as an expert in a variety of other sources. Through his consultancy he has helped countless men and women with their personal development, dating, and relationship issues. He can be reached through his main website at: www.benjamin-ritter.com

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