Dysfunctional Family and Holiday Gatherings

Holidays + Family = Stress

We all wish that wasn’t true but most of the time the holidays plus family is a recipe for stress. How can we change that? What can we do to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable? That’s a question many people face every year.

I’m Nikki Leigh, a Love Coach and the host of Ready for Love Radio. In November 2017, I invited Dr LeslieBeth Wish and Kristy Heart, a Life Coach to join me on my radio show and we discussed these topics and more.

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If you missed either part, the archives are posted below.

Part 1 – Replay

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Part 2

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The book – Dysfunctional Family and Holiday Gatherings

After the show we decided to put our thoughts on paper and to share them in the pages of a book. We also invited several other coaches to join us. We’re also sharing a link to a replay of the show so you can hear everything we have to say on these topics.

Join Dr LeslieBeth Wish, Kristy Heart a Life and Business Coach, Raeeka Yaghmai a Dating and Relationship coach, Susan Ball a Women’s Freedom Coach and Self-Love Activist, Todd Creager a marriage and sex therapist and myself, a Love and Relationship Coach. We will each share our perspectives and our advise on a wide variety of questions about holidays, family, and how to deal with the ensuing stress.

NOW in the Kindle Store –https://www.amazon.com/Dysfunctional-Family-Holiday-Gatherings-Uncomfortable-ebook/dp/B0788KXJDW

Print edition – https://www.amazon.com/Dysfunctional-Family-Holiday-Gatherings-Uncomfortable/dp/1981794018

For the special offer – http://www.readyforloveradio.com/kindle-special/

Find out more about the Love Accept and Respect Yourself program directly from Nikki –

Questions in Part 1 –

  • Do we have to deal with family?
  • Managing expectations with family members
  • Understand holiday movies are fictional
  • Learning to control our emotions during the holidays
  • How to play “Holiday Bingo”
  • Line up your allies and support system before holiday events
  • Tips for single listeners attending family events
  •  Tips to be emboldened with your family
  • The dominatrix mindset – use courage, confidence & charisma
  • Tips for step parents for family holiday events
  • Prepare step children for family events

Questions in Part 2 – 

  • How can each of us help recently divorced family members
  • How do we handle it when others let their children run wild
  • Suggestions for people who feel lonely during the holidays whether they are single or in a relationship
  • How do you feel about negative feelings
  • The difference between being lonely and being alone
  • How do we deal with negative and meddlesome family members
  • What should do do when family don’t include our dates or intimate partners in family gatherings
  • Is it possible to be relaxed during the holidays
  • Why are we treated like children when we are around family
  • What about people who are depressed during the holidays

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