Does Your Personal Happiness Affect Your Relationship?

If you are unhappy with yourself – can you be a contributing partner in a happy and satisfying relationship? 

When I say are you unhappy with yourself – I’m thinking of things like:

  • Happy with your appearance
  • Happy with your home
  • Happy with your financial situation
  • Happy with your partner

Now – I realize that many people aren’t totally happy with everything in their life and they may want better situation. But, I’m thinking about being happy in terms of accepting where you are, who you are and your situation in life.

Here is a personal example – I don’t have a lot, but I’m happy with the things I have. Sure, I could have a bigger house, I could eat steak instead of chicken and I could certainly travel more – but I’m happy with life the way it is. There are things that I would like to change about my appearance – but I accept and love myself the way I am, flaws and all :)I remember many times my mom would call to tell me about something on sale and she always said, “You need one of these.” But, I really almost never did “need” something else – although that doesn’t mean I don’t love the office chair she bought me 🙂

So – here’s the question — how does your happiness or unhappiness with your life affect your relationship? What simple things do you think would help you be happier?

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