Are You in A Field That Deals with Love, Sex or Relationship Education?

If you’re a love coach, a relationship coach, a sexpert, or any other person who does education, counseling, coaching etc for any of these fields – I would like to invite you to complete a written interview that I put together.

I plan to use these to post on a couple of my blogs to help the general public get an idea of what we do and the types of services that are available.

I plan to use some quotes from the interviews in some other projects I’m working on — and each person that completes the interview can get free exposure. If you would like to be anonymous – that is fine too. I’m very flexible, so I want each person to be able to share as much information about what they do as possible.

Please drop me a note if you have questions –

If you would like to fill out a copy of the interview, you can download it here.

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