Develop Traits and Qualities to Please Your Man

Most people know that men are visual beings. Their partner’s appearance is important, but that is NOT the full story. In addition, looks can fade and you need more than a cute face and body to get through the tough times.

But what are some other things that will capture his eye and keep his attention. There is a master list or checklist below to share many of these qualities with you. I also posted a question on my Facebook wall to see what my friends had to share and their comments are woven into the list.

  • A woman with a strong sense of self-worth and who loves herself
  • An adventuresome women – show your man that you are up for some adventure, indoors and out
  • A woman who loves her partner as he is, without an agenda or plan to change him
  • Affectionate women – take the time to be affectionate with you man, this can be innocent touching, loving, sensual and erotic affectionate gestures.
  • A woman who appreciates a “nice guy” who will treat her well and love her
  • Women who communicate openly, honestly & in a positive way
  • Women who take the initiative – in life and especially sexually
  • Uninhibited women who are comfortable in her skin and willing to go after what she wants
  • Women who wear sexy lingerie and learning to do a strip tease is good
  • Women who are responsive verbally and non-verbally – let your partner know you enjoy your time together
  • Women who enjoy erotic dialogue – men enjoy it when their woman is willing to “talk dirty” to him. It can take some practice, but his reaction is worth the effort.
  • This can include: talk in person, sexy notes, suggestive texts and emails
  • Women who show their appreciation – in bed and out. Show that you appreciate the things he does for you.
  • Women with a good sense of humor – but never make it look like you’re laughing AT him
  • Easy-going women – leave the drama behind. The majority of men do not want to deal with the unnecessary drama. There are much better ways to get and keep his attention. This is also a reason many younger men give for their attraction to “older” women – much less drama.


How many of these traits do you have? If your answer is yes to only a few, it would be beneficial to work on developing more. These are some of the things that go into the “art of making love”. A few of the ways include: learning to release your inner sexpot, remembering to be a sensual wife along with being a mom, and learning to enjoy your sexuality along with pleasing your partner.

If you would like to learn more about developing these qualities and learning to please yourself and your partner, contact for more information. You can also download this FREE ebook Make it Happen! Discover More and Passion.




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