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We are getting close to the end of 2017 and the beginning of a new year, to 2018. Its a great time to reflect on our lives. Are we where we want to be? Are there changes we want to make? Do we have the life we want? There are always some things we can change and do differently, but sometimes we may want to make substantial changes in our lives. When that is the case, how do we make those changes?

Thursday at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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Subjects We Talk About –

  • What’s the #1 Mistake smart women make that keeps them from creating their desired life?
  • Who do we need to be so we can energetically be in the right place to create the vision of our desired life a possibility?
  • Why is that important?
  • What is the first step we can take to start creating the new life they desire?
  • Why do some people succeed at envisioning and creating their desired new life and some can’t? What’s the secret that successful people have decoded?
  • Can you share some tools on how to bring our vision of our new life/lovelife to reality?


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About Raeeka Yaghmai

Raeeka Yaghmai, founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence™ is a certified coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) with 5 years of experience as a successful Dating and Relationship Coach. Every year she coaches hundreds of women form around the world to help them create their love life. She is regularly a guest of honor at the weddings of her clients.

As an Iranian-American woman born in Tehran, Raeeka brings a unique understanding of the Middle Eastern and Eastern cultures to her coaching practice. With first hand knowledge of the unique dating dynamics for women of different cultures, she offers compassionate and honest guidance around the American dating dynamic, and coaches her clients on online profile writing, communication dos and don’ts, and other societal dating “norms” that may be foreign or confusing to women who are not accustomed to the American dating culture. She has worked with Muslim Iranian, Jewish Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, and Israeli clients who live abroad and face challenges in dating in a culture outside of their own. Raeeka has worked as an international dating coach with women from around the world in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, the U.S.A., England, Netherlands, and Romania.

An actively performing professional opera singer, Raeeka’s vivacious performer’s personality combined with her 22 years of audition and stage experience, provide clients with a multi-faceted and fun approach to dating and finding love. Raeeka has helped countless women to overcome dating “stage-fright”, anxiety, and fear of rejection, drawing from her experience as a professional performer.

Raeeka will empower and educate you how to date with grace, poise and confidence in the 21st century. Once going through her process, you will not only access a deep sense of self-love but also feel confident and sexy and overcome any feelings of loss, frustration, regret or hopelessness and create an amazing new life filled with limitless possibilities and total fulfillment in love.

“At Dating with Confidence™, expert dating and relationship coach Raeeka Yaghmai helps savvy, smart, and high achieving single women who have created success in many areas of their lives but their love life, to get out of their own way, stop the repeating patterns of dating the wrong guys, find deep self-love, feel confident and sexy so that they can finally find love that last. Raeeka’s clients learn how to date in the 21st C. and how to attract high quality men to create the relationship they want.”

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