Collaborate with Competitors – Say What?

On this show I’ll be talking with one of my favorite collaborators, Ray Powers, the host of The Ray Powers Hour. We’re going to talk about something we both do every week on our radio shows – that is working WITH people who could be perceived as our peers or even our competitors. That’s right, we bring people on our radio shows that offer products and services that are very similar to what we do – why in the world would we do that?? Why not just promote ourselves on our shows? Why give other people exposure on our shows? You will have to tune in on Nov 2 to find out 🙂 We’ll also be getting a listener’s perspective of how we do our shows — its going to be interesting to hear what she has to say… she’s a bit outspoken… 🙂

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If you missed the show or the replays, the archive is posted below.

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Lauren’s Notes We Discuss –

  • People have expertise in different areas of focus
  • Offering different perspectives on topics that I focus on
  • The opportunity to learn more about a subject is enhanced when you work together.
  • Learning more will help in caring for those you’re trying to help.
  • Website offers a link to the guests Nikki has had on her show, given the listener more information about the guest. It shows the listener and website viewer that she chooses people very knowledgeable in their area of expertise, listing education and experience.
  • Part of the charm of Nikki’s shows is that she finds issues that are relatable to a lot of people, and it gives us the opportunity to learn and grow in a positive manner.

About Ray Powers – 

My guest is Ray Powers the host of The Ray Powers Hour that airs on at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET (just before Ready for Love Radio). Tune in for the best indie music 🙂

What’s more gratifying to a recording artist than having a #1 record in the musical capital of the world?

Having four straight singles hit #1 in Nashville.

The three-time Billboard™ Songwriting Award winner and two=time Nashville Universe Award nominee RAY POWERS has seen his singles, ‘It’s You’ , ‘One Kiss’, ‘Here I Am’ and ‘Gotta’ all reached #1 on several Nashville indie charts, and Powers is getting ready to release the next future chart topper.

As a bassist, Powers has backed such legends as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members and million-sellers:The Drifters, Lou Christie, Tavares, The Skyliners and more.

In 2015, Powers launched his top-rated music-based talk show: the RAY POWERS HOUR  and found immediate success.  The #1 internet-based show airs on Thursday nights 8-9pm EST on and is syndicated worldwide on four additional networks to millions more in over 200 countries.

In September 2016, Ray Powers was named Program Director and CEO of New Visions Radio, spent 2017 rebranding and adding eight new feature shows helping three of them secure syndication deals within months.

In October of 2017, Powers co-wrote, sang and played on ‘You Gotta Sing’, the brand new EP released by Drifters legend Charlie Thomas.

Powers’ secret to success? Set goals, help others and never stop moving forward.



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