Chantelle Austin Shares Her Passion

Would you like to share your name? I’m Chantelle Austin

What prompted you to learn more to become a Love Coach or a Sexpert? I started out learning to be a life coach, then realized I had a passion for relationships after one failed marriage and then a super successful one, and when my husband and I decided to try swinging, well it all evolved from there. I also work with sexuality since both my husband and I are now bi (we weren’t when we started this journey so that has been an interesting one to work through ourselves).

What is your title? Swinging Relationship and Sexuality Coach? Or something like that J

In a few sentences, how do you describe what you do? I assist couples in exploring the idea of swinging and exploring sexuality (where appropriate), working on their relationship to swinger-proof it as much as possible and help them through the transition, which is the most vulnerable part. I also help other couples that have jumped into it and then had problems come up! Otherwise I answer peoples one off questions through “Ask Chantelle” J

How long have you worked in this industry? Actively in the swinging relationship scene since 2008, mostly part time due to the nature of the content but have decided that my passion and skills are in this area so have jumped in with both feet at the beginning of this year (2010) J I’ve been a qualified coach since 2003 working on mindset and general success.

Speaking of the industry – how do you classify the industry or business that you work in? Alternative yet adventurous? It’s relationship coaching with someone who understands that relationships aren’t all black and white nor do they all fit into the “traditional” box.

If you have a main focus or niche – what is it? Alternative relationships and exploring sexuality.

What lead you to that specialty? My own personal experience and desire to help others since there is an increasing number of people moving away from traditional relationships and not so many professionals who’ve walked that path before, in their relationship or their sexuality (and even less who’ve done both).

What has been the hardest thing about your work? Helping people who’ve already cheated or done something that is detrimental to their relationship. If they’d only contacted me before they decided to swing or cheat then we could have worked on it and saved their relationship. Plus not being able to do the weekend transformational seminars I want to do because many swingers are so worried about their swinging secret getting out that they don’t want to be in a room with a bunch of others, unless they’re having sex with them of course lol.

What has been the easiest thing about your work? Helping people to open up! It seems that once I start sharing my experience or thoughts, others start to admit their own desires or fears. People share some very intimate thoughts and feelings with me and I love that about what I do.

What has been the most rewarding thing about your work? Helping people discover and accept who they are and not seeing themselves as freaks or weird, or having deeper conversations that lead to a stronger relationship just through sharing. Especially guys that are bi/bi-curious! And helping couples get into swinging (if it’s right for them), and discovering the deeper bonding effect it has… it’s kind of like “I told you so” when that happens lol

What education do you have to do this sort of work? I studied to be a Master Results Coach and am also a Master in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis so I can help people with their “love junk” along the way. So even if their relationship isn’t ready to swing, I can help them get there so they can choose to later.

What additional training did you feel that you needed to do more for your clients? Getting out there into the scene more, so I had more experience to draw from. And more people with problems to address so I could get better at giving advice.

Tell us about your business. I provide advice, articles, coaching, online products (albeit just a few for now) and resources for people who are either swinging or curious about it. I will be adding more relationship-oriented solutions for couples who know they aren’t ready to swing yet and have more work to do on their relationship first.

In the coming year I am positioning myself more as the Non-Traditional Relationship Expert and will be looking for more media exposure to get more couples at least talking about other options. There are so many people that aren’t aware there are other relationship options for them that are really awesome for building stronger bonds and a deeper level connection between people. What I see are people who want to enjoy sex with others and decide that cheating is the way to do it… There are other options that don’t destroy the relationship and I think I might be the gal to get that word out there! Do you think?

How long have you been in business? Since 2006, but Chantelle Austin International since 2008.

Did you expand an existing business to include love and relationship coaching? Yes, just talking about swinging wasn’t enough, I really want to help people so I brought my coaching skills into relationships.

Do you have a website and/or blog? Http://, and Chantelle’s Diary (personal blog) is in the members area J

How could someone get in touch with you? Email in the first instance –

Who are your favorite types of client? Couples (or groups) who are open-minded, curious, who may have some relationship or personal issues that need to be worked on first. I love working with people who are committed to creating a thriving relationship which isn’t easy in the 21st century! I also love working with single people who want to create this kind of relationship for themselves and are still recovering from heart break. I enjoy helping them connect back with who they are and then helping them work through their love-junk and into a thriving relationship J

Would you like to share your most unusual experience? Ooo gee, unusual? I think having a young man tell me he was in love with his mother (in a relationship and sexual way), and it was reciprocated. He wanted to know if it was wrong… Who am I to say anything is wrong!?! While it’s not something I’d do (nor most other people I imagine), as far as I was concerned, as long as it’s consensual and they were both happy, then I wasn’t going to judge it as wrong. I said so and wished them luck. Oh and I suggested they move to a state where neither one could get arrested over it lol.

How do you promote your business? Online mostly, through word of mouth and through the articles I write for some bigger sites. I have been in the media a few times which has helped too. Helping people and writing are my strengths, marketing and sales, not so much lol. Currently looking for a business partner who has those strengths 😉

Have you written any books or developed any products specifically for your clients? I wrote “The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples”, formally known as “The Ultimate Swingers Guide”, and it’s aimed at people who are new or curious. It’s 150+ pages of relationship guidance, how-to information as well as going into many of the what-if’s that people have when they decide to try swinging out. It has lots of my own personal stories and experiences in it, even some embarrassing information but what I’ve learned is that others have similar thoughts and feelings so by me sharing it allowed them to feel better knowing they weren’t alone. The book is currently here

I’m about to release “The 7 Key Foundations to a Thriving Relationship” which is about going back to basics. For some couples it will be a health check and for others it will be about identifying and strengthening the foundations that need some work. Either way, it’s an interactive, go-at-your-own-pace, home study course that couples can invest in.

I personally coach both individuals and couples to work through their love junk, increase self-esteem, increase sexual confidence and create that thriving relationship that we all deserve! I do a complimentary call with people first to see what they think the issues are and to see if we’re a good fit to work together. I don’t work with just anyone either; I work with people I am confident I can get results with.

Some group coaching and webinar based programs are coming soon and if people want to share what problems they have, I am sure I can come up with a solution that fits their budget 😀

What did I forget to ask? The only other thing I can add is that my husband and I have been together since 2000 and our relationship is thriving, even more so since we decided to swing and explore our own sexuality. I’ve been married before and have made all the usual mistakes so I come with lots of personal experience, not just professional education.

I have 2 beautiful daughters and my vision includes breaking the divorce cycle, teaching relationship skills and uncensored sex-ed to young teens and adults to stop them from committing suicide or being bullied due to their sexuality. And if we can give them healthy relationship skills then they will teach their kids and everyone will be much happier!!! Actually there is a whole lot more to the vision but suffice it to say, it’s a rather large one, I just want to change the world!!!

Ok, enough said 😀

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