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There are many misconceptions about what intimacy really is – and I recently completed a fantastic course on Intimacy at Loveology University. That is one of the courses in the “Certified Romantic Course”.

Throughout the relationships I’ve had – there was only one where I felt true intimacy and at the time I didn’t realize why that relationship felt so much deeper and more meaningful. It was the most safe and loved I ever felt. Now – I understand and I want to find that again. So – let me share some of the things I learned.

Let’s start by breaking down the word intimacy and look at it phonetically. Into-Me-See. In sounds very inviting doesn’t it? When you get into something, it means you really want to be there, right?

What about Me See? You’re saying “This is ME. SEE me, all of me, because I have nothing to hide.” It’s like having a long zipper from your head to your toes, opening it and saying “Here I am.”

Intimacy is about getting rid of protective layers and facades by revealing yourself to someone you truly love.

The 12 C’s of Intimacy – How many of these do you have in your relationship?

  • Communication
  • Chemistry
  • Curiousity
  • Contentment
  • Collaboration
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Copulation
  • Creativity
  • Consideration
  • Contribution
  • Celebration

These are the types of intimacy

  • Emotional
  • Spirirtual
  • Intellectual
  • Sexual
  • Physical

Men and women experience intimacy in different ways and these are explained in full detail. This includes 10 Tips on How to Make Your Man or Woman Love You. This course goes into full detail about each of the types of intimacy, how to find that intimacy and how to develop that intimacy with your partner. There are 20 intimacy exercises included in the course that you can do with your partner – they are all enjoyable and help you develop greater intimacy

This information is just a peek inside the depth of this course. As I was finishing the quiz for this course I realized that I want to go through this course with anyone that I want a long term relationship with – we would both benefit from the information and the relationship would certainly be improved.

Some of the Topics in the Intimacy Certification Course

  • What is Intimacy?
  • Erogenous Zones
  • Kinds of Intimacy
  • 5 Steps to Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Looking for Intimacy
  • Intimacy Rules
  • Types of Love
  • Triangular Theory of Love
  • Intimacy not Sex
  • 20 Intimate Exercises
  • Romance and Intimacy
  • Intimate Ideas
This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Know the Definition of Intimacy
  • You want to Learn the 5 Steps to Achieving Intimacy
  • You want to Discover How Intimacy can Result in Better Sex
  • You want to Take Your Relationship to a More Intimate Level
Welcome to Loveology University’s Intimacy Certification Course. Discover what the term intimacy really means to men vs. women and the steps necessary to achieve it. How to go from dating to intimacy is high on many couples list of things to learn and this is one place you can get all the answers. Additionally, you’ll find out why we need intimacy in our lives, the various kinds of intimacy and the benefits of an intimate relationship. If you think of the word intimacy phonetically, In Two or Too Me See, you’ll realize just how insightful this word is and how powerful it can be between two people. Once you’ve made the decision to be intimate with someone, there’s no going back so you’ll ascertain whether someone is worthy of your intimacy and how to help them become intimate with you. This is truly an intimate experience that will improve the quality of your love life.
Course Price: $69.95


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