10 Things Men Can Do To Turn Women On

10 Smart Things Men Can Do to Turn Women On

Are you a guy who’s tired of the buff guys getting the girl? Are you totally out of your comfort zone at the gym? It can be pretty intimating in there. So – what’s a[…]


9 Top Female Fantasies

I found a list of the top 9 female sex fantasies – and of course I had to share them. Take a look and let me know what you think. I’m going to share the[…]


Health and Relationship Benefits of Sex Toys

I know that header may be controversial and may upset some people – but there are health and relationship benefits to using sex toys alone or with your partner. So – true to the mission[…]

Ice used as a sex toy - ice for sex play

Guest Post – Ultimate Summer Sex Toy – Add Ice to Your Lovemaking

This is a guest post by sexpert, Mitzi Rae. Mitzi will blog and share info here on a regular basis. Please note – these posts will usually be more graphic and adult, than other posts.[…]

What is sacred rekationship

Sacred Relationships – What Are They

I found this article this morning and I really like the description of sacred relationships. Have you wondered if you’re strange if the usual definition of love doesn’t seem really appealing? Do the usual “loving”[…]

Michelle Wing_Cry of the Nightbird

Cry of the Nightbird Writers Against Domestic Violence on Ready for Love Radio

In this podcast we will tackle domestic violence and discuss the Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence with the editor Michelle Wing. She is the founder of the Changing Hurt to Hope: Writers[…]


Variety in Your Love Making is More Satisfying – Find Out Why

I spotted this article a week ago and the blogger did a great job of summing up the types of thrusts and why each has its own appeal. Its a great article – interesting and[…]

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is Discussed on Ready for Love Radio

Sexual assault and sexual violence are topics that are frequently in the news. Recently assault was in the news because of a story in Rolling Stone magazine, which is turns out, is unsubstantiated and has[…]

04-16-15 10 Tips to Great Sex

What Does Your Partner Need to Have a Satisfying Sex Life

I just discovered an interesting blog which has great in depth articles about sexuality and intimacy. The title of the article I’m going to share definitely jumped off the page – and may offend some[…]


What is a BSF and Could You Be a BSF

A friend of mine on Facebook shared a great post titled Are You a BSF? Think friends with benefits, but in more detail and explaining the ins and outs (pun intended) of moving from a[…]