Importance of Touch in a Healthy Relationship

There are various types of touch – gentle, subtle, sensual, intimate and erotic.  Learn why touch is important, benefits of visiting a body worker, tantric touch, sensual and erotic massage, help for trauma survivors and much more. Paul Bagge, the guest, is a Sex and Intimacy Coach, Holistic Bodyworker, and Spiritual Minister, a man who helps women become “The Goddess They Were Born To Be“.

Nikki Leigh created an ebook based on this interview – and added additional tips and details about full body, erotic, and foot massage. You can find if in the Kindle store - Remember that you can read a Kindle ebook on ANY computer or device, including a tablet and a smartphone by downloading the Kindle app.

This show is for mature audiences.

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10 Intimate Things Your Partner Wants

Have you ever wondered what your partner really wants? We know many men and women feel uncomfortable about their genitals. Its a fact – just accept it. But often we have preconceived ideas of what our lover really wants. Here is some plan talk about the 10 things you need to know about a penis and a vagina….

Interesting information you probably don’t know and some fun facts for a Friday afternoon.

The Vagina – 10 Things You May Not Know

The Penis – 10 Things You May Not Know

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Things You Should Never Say to a Woman in Bed

Everyone should know there are some things you just never say to a woman in bed when you’re having sex. But it seems there are still people who need reminders. So, I’d like to share this article from Men’s Fitness. Have you found another line that shouldn’t be used? Feel free to share in the comments section.

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman in Bed

If you care about keeping your lady happy, steer clear of these touchy topics during sex.

Whether it’s your wife of five years or a chick you just met at a bar, sex is an incredibly intimate experience—especially for the woman. So when you’re in the bedroom (or elsewhere…you rebel, you), it’s important to avoid unnecessary commentary that could ruin the mood, or worse— make her not want to sleep with you again. From discussing your sexual repertoire to assessing her orgasm, here are five subjects to stay away from during sex.

1. “Not like that.”
Remember in grade school when you were taught to give “constructive criticism?” This does not apply to your lady in the bedroom. “It’s not very sexy or encouraging to be told our skills are subpar in the heat of the moment,” says Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure. “You should always frame it in the positive by talking about what you do like. How we say things to each other can make a huge difference in performance and sexual confidence.”

Also avoid: “What are you doing?”

2. “My ex used to love it when I…” 
All women are different, so don’t lean heavily on past experiences—and definitely don’t discuss it. “Besides, who’s to say that the Things to Never Say to a Woman in Bed previous women didn’t fake their pleasure just to get you to finish quicker?” Levine says. ZING! Aside from that, Sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. points out that “talking about your prior sexual encounters can drive a woman completely crazy—and not in a good way. She doesn’t need to hear about it, and if you bring it up, she’ll feel threatened and jealous. For a lot of women, that’s a dealbreaker.”

Also avoid: “Let’s try this position that I did one time with..

3. “I have to be out of here by 4:00.” 
“Making allusions to the idea that you don’t have much time to work with is a major mood-killer,” says Brame. “If you absolutely must talk about somewhere that you need to be, or the fact that you’re in a rush, at least wait until afterward!”

Also avoid: “I need to wake up super early tomorrow.”

4. “I wish you had more ass to grab!” 
Here’s a newsflash: Women are often extremely insecure, especially when they’re naked and most vulnerable. “Pointing out things about other women’s bodies that you like, particularly ones that highlight what your partner doesn’t have, is a major no,” says Levine. Brame agrees, adding, “Anything that’s going to make a woman self-conscious is a female-libido kill. She’ll shut down immediately.”

Also avoid: “What’s that weird red bump on your back?”

5. “Did you come yet?”
Contrary to popular belief, “an orgasm does not define good or bad sex,” says sexologist and sexuality educator Megan Andelloux.  “So please stop asking if she came or saying that you want to see her come. That puts way too much pressure on her.” Andelloux adds that if she did climax, she can choose to say something or not, but it’s important to remember that for a woman, having an orgasm does not equal having a good time in bed. “It can be lovely…but it should not be the goal.”

Also avoid: “Are you going to come soon?”

The Entitlement Generation Explained

There are many examples of people within the “entitlement generation” all around us. I feel that much of the “depression”, discouragement and many other issues are caused by similar issues. And this article sums it up beautifully. It is from Huffington Post – and I rarely agree with a Huff Po post – but this one nails it perfectly. I’d like to hear your thoughts….

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

Say hi to Lucy.

Lucy is part of Generation Y, the generation born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s. She’s also part of a yuppie culture that makes up a large portion of Gen Y.

I have a term for yuppies in the Gen Y age group — I call them Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies, or GYPSYs. A GYPSY is a unique brand of yuppie, one who thinks they are the main character of a very special story.

So Lucy’s enjoying her GYPSY life, and she’s very pleased to be Lucy. Only issue is this one thing:

Lucy’s kind of unhappy.

To get to the bottom of why, we need to define what makes someone happy or unhappy in the first place. It comes down to a simple formula:


It’s pretty straightforward — when the reality of someone’s life is better than they had expected, they’re happy. When reality turns out to be worse than the expectations, they’re unhappy.

To provide some context, let’s start by bringing Lucy’s parents into the discussion:

Lucy’s parents were born in the ’50s — they’re Baby Boomers. They were raised by Lucy’s grandparents, members of the G.I. Generation, or “the Greatest Generation,” who grew up during the Great Depression and fought in World War II, and were most definitely not GYPSYs

Lucy’s Depression Era grandparents were obsessed with economic security and raised her parents to build practical, secure careers. They wanted her parents’ careers to have greener grass than their own, and Lucy’s parents were brought up to envision a prosperous and stable career for themselves. Something like this:

They were taught that there was nothing stopping them from getting to that lush, green lawn of a career, but that they’d need to put in years of hard work to make it happen.

After graduating from being insufferable hippies, Lucy’s parents embarked on their careers. As the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s rolled along, the world entered a time of unprecedented economic prosperity. Lucy’s parents did even better than they expected to. This left them feeling gratified and optimistic.

Unfortunately, the funny thing about the world is that it turns out to not be that easy of a place, and the weird thing about careers is that they’re actually quite hard. Great careers take years of blood, sweat and tears to build — even the ones with no flowers or unicorns on them — and even the most successful people are rarely doing anything that great in their early or mid-20s.

But GYPSYs aren’t about to just accept that.


Here’s my advice for Lucy:

1) Stay wildly ambitious. The current world is bubbling with opportunity for an ambitious person to find flowery, fulfilling success. The specific direction may be unclear, but it’ll work itself out — just dive in somewhere.

2) Stop thinking that you’re special. The fact is, right now, you’re not special. You’re another completely inexperienced young person who doesn’t have all that much to offer yet. You can become special by working really hard for a long time.

3) Ignore everyone else. Other people’s grass seeming greener is no new concept, but in today’s image crafting world, other people’s grass looks like a glorious meadow. The truth is that everyone else is just as indecisive, self-doubting, and frustrated as you are, and if you just do your thing, you’ll never have any reason to envy others.

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Why Women Moan When Making Love – What Do You Think?

I read this article earlier and its an unusual explanation. So – I’m curious what other people think.

As a love coach I encourage people – men and women – to vocalize their wants, needs and satisfaction. How can your partner please you if you don’t communicate what you want and what makes you feel good?

Does your partner “communicate” with you? How do you communicate with one another?

Why Women Moan at Climax

Why do women moan loudly during sex and scream when they are orgasming?

“Female Copulatory Vocalization” means Woman Scream During Sex

Researchers have discovered that women moan during sex in primate species that are promiscuous. In spite of the obvious dangers of predators discovering and attacking you while you’re vulnerable, scientists say it’s an evolutionary biological reason.

It’s now been proven across all cultures that women are vocal leading up to orgasm but only in the primate species where females are promiscuous does this occur. For example, in gorillas, the females are monogamous and therefore not vocal during copulation.

Why is moaning and screaming during sex beneficial to women biologically?

Researchers have determined that a woman will vocalize to attract more males to copulate with her when the current male is done. This behavior of mating with more than one male at a time supports sperm competition. The more males a woman copulates with, the higher probability she’ll conceive a healthy offspring.

To further underscore this reproduction imperative, scientists have confirmed that male sperm has biologically evolved to fertilize an egg in an environment where it’s mixed with ejaculate from other males. Sperm have different counter measures, including killer sperm, designed to kill other male sperm. The penis is also designed to scrape out competitive sperm after ejaculating as the penis is pulled out of the vagina.

Female humans are fundamentally a polyamorous (love many) species biologically designed to have sex with multiple males when they’re aroused.

Excerpt from Sex At Dawn <=== Read For Free

Dr. Helen Fisher says that in her cross-cultural research, the majority of women and men are both promiscuous throughout their lives. If cultural norms for monogamy were not established, most humans would have a series of primary relationships for child rearing and companionship combined with a series of shorter term sexual relationships.

Dr. Fisher estimates that a majority of people are married and having serial affairs over the years, even if they don’t tell anyone about it. She believes this is the normal biological way humans actually live.

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Something You May Not Think About – Should You Use a Lubricant

There can be a number of reasons why sex is painful for some people. For more information about various situations and concerns, that cause sex to be painful, visit

I mentioned this concern, because often (but not always) painful intercourse can be helped, but using a quality lubricant. The right lube, for the right situation also makes a real difference for many people. There are times of the month when women have difficulty with their natural lubrication. During perimenopause and menopause, many woman face this concern – even if they have never had problems before. And – as my post about what causes painful sex illustrates, there are a number of health issues that cause sex to be more painful.

This post is for all those women, men and couples that deal with painful sex, reduced personal lubrication and people who understand the need for additional lubricants during anal sex – I give more details about a variety of products from System JO which you may find helpful in your pursuit of less painful and more stimulating sex….

System JO Lubricants, Stimulating Gel and Massage Glide Review

I have done several reviews for various lubricants, stimulants and System JO Massage Glide, which can also be used as a lube. Today, I want to share details about the great options from System JO. We’re going to cover plenty of options — get your wish list ready.

Are you one of the people who doesn’t use or has never used a lubricant? Many people feel they don’t need to use any additional lubrication or have some confusion about lubes, but I would highly recommend that you give it a try. Maybe you’ve tried KY or water, or saliva – these are okay, but none are really effective. Some lube can also be great for foreplay when you’re both getting in the mood. There are also some times when women won’t be a wet, even with the usual stimulation — so add some lube to make it more pleasurable for both of you. If you’re embarrassed about buying lubricant at the store, you can order it online and its shipped to you discreetly. The items I share in this post can all be found here –

The need or desire to use lube when you’re having sex, enjoying some foreplay or even masturbating — don’t feel like using lube shows anything lacking in your body or your technique. Its a totally natural thing to add extra lubrication. For fast sex, you may not need any lubrication, for a pre-lubed condom, you may not need anything extra. But for long lasting sexual intercourse, for sex in a hot tub or pool, for anal sex or simply for wetter sex with less friction – lube is the answer. You may have heard of people using a lot of lube, you should experiment with the amount and type of lube that’s best for you and your partner.

One of the great things about lube is that you can decide how wet you want your play to be — you can add a little lube to limit the amount of friction or you can use more during times and activities when you need more lubrication. You can also use a lot of lube if you prefer a “sloppy wet” experience. Lube is another way to make the sexual experience the best it can be for you and your partner. Flavored lubes are great for oral sex – they provide additional moisture and many people enjoy choosing a flavor. Some of the options include: raspberry sorbet, chocolate delight, lemon splash, peachy lips, cherry burst, banana lick, juicy pineapple, sweet pomegranate, strawberry kiss, tangerine dream, tropical passion and flavored watermelon. Think of the options and combinations — yummmm :) Anyone who reads my posts know how much I like to recommend creativity and spontaneity….

Here are some of your options with SystemJO – to get your imagination working.

You can start with a simple water based lube – it is compatible with all materials, safe to use in or on the body, is very easy to clean up and comes in warming, cooling, flavored and regular varieties. It is safe for use with condoms and with any kind of toys – including any silicone toys.

A Premium Silicone Lube which is very long lasting, can be used in water, but should not be used inside the body or with silicone toys.

The flavored lubes are scented and flavored to add several additional sensory benefits for you and your partner. These are also very good for people who are leery or uncomfortable giving oral sex. With a wide variety of flavors, there is something for everyone.

Do you like the warming or cooling sensations – System JO offers lubes that are warming or cooling to the touch. You can use one or the other, or a combination of the two. It all depends on what you and your lover like – or how creative you want to get. Maybe you want a cooling touch on your nipples and a warming touch between your legs – that is very easy to accomplish with warming and cooling lubes.

Seriously – the sky is the limit and you are only limited by your imagination — take a look at the options and buy a variety pack and see which sensations you like the best.  You can experiment with how much lube is best for you. Pour some warming lube or massage glide on your hands and then start by massaging your partner’s breasts. Maybe your partner would like you to start with their feet and work your way up their legs – your lube slicked hands are going to feel very erotic and your hands slide over their skin.

Your partner probably doesn’t want to feel like you are “groping” them, but some lube gives you the advantage of having a stimulating and erotic touch as you slide your hands over parts of your partner’s body. Again — you should experiment with how much lube is best for you. System JO lubes are thicker than many, they are long last (silicone being the most long lasting) and they are very moisturizing. I have found that their products really are not sticky or tacky — they feel natural. I have not tried them all, but I have tried 5 or 6 different products and they feel great.

Master Sexpert Tips

Let’s get down to my Master Sexpert Tips for you —

  1. Lube is beneficial for many forms of sexual activity – masturbation, vaginal intercourse, anal sex and flavored lubes are great for oral sex – pick your flavor or choice or try different flavors.
  2. Silicone lubes are especially made for use in the tub, shower or hot tub.
  3. Never use a silicone lube with silicone toys.
  4. Always use a water based lube inside a woman’s body
  5. Warming lubes are great for nipple and breast stimulation and can be used on the genitals
  6. For more vigorous sex – use lube to cut down on the friction and to let your partner thrust harder – for longer — and often, that’s what we want — isn’t it?
  7. Oil and petroleum based lubes should not be used with condoms because it can cause the condom to deteriorate – KY Jelly should NOT be used with condoms
  8. Water based lubes are a great choice, they are compatible with all toys and with condoms, it is easy to clean, and it doesn’t stain.
  9. You may want to test several types of lubes on your own to see which type and what feel you like better. Then keep it close to your bed, in your glove compartment or purse — depending on where you may have sex
  10. Silicone lubes are very long lasting during sex, and they are more difficult to clean up.
  11. The wide variety of lubes offer you and your partner many possibilities – so give it a try and see what feels best for you and your lover.
  12. While lube makes sex with your lover more fun – it is also great for self love. You may want to try the lube out on your own and then introduce it with your partner once you have experimented with the types to see what you like the best

Why is Sex Painful

Many women have a major question that stops them from being able to pleasurable sex. They wonder – why is sex painful?

Some of the reasons for this pain, include –

In many cases, a woman can experience painful sex if there is not sufficient vaginal lubrication. When this occurs, the pain can be resolved if the female becomes more relaxed, if the amount of foreplay is increased, or if the couple uses a sexual lubricant.

In some cases, a woman can experience painful intercourse if one of the following conditions is present:

  • Vaginismus. This is a common condition in which there is a spasm in the vaginal muscles, mainly caused by the fear of being hurt.Unhappy couple wonders why is sex painful
  • Vaginal infections. These conditions are common and include yeast infections.
  • Problems with the cervix (opening to the uterus). In this case, the penis can reach the cervix at maximum penetration, so problems with the cervix (such as infections) can cause pain during deep penetration.
  • Problems with the uterus. These problems may include fibroids that can cause deep intercourse pain.
  • Endometriosis. A condition in which the endometrium (tissue lining the uterus) grows outside the uterus.
  • Problems with the ovaries. Such problems might include cysts on the ovaries.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease. The tissues deep inside become badly inflamed and the pressure of intercourse causes deep pain.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. A pregnancy in which a fertilized egg develops outside of the uterus.
  • Menopause. The vaginal lining can lose its normal moisture and become dry.
  • Intercourse too soon after surgery or childbirth.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases. These may include genital warts, herpes sores, or other STDs.
  • Injury to the vulva or vagina. These injuries may include a tear from childbirth or from a cut (episiotomy) in the perenium (area of skin between the vagina and the anus) that is made during labor.

For much more information, visit –

Why People Have Sex

This is a master list of 237 reasons why people have sex — how many resonate with you?

Did they miss any of your reasons??

Article from Every Day Health Website

I’m not sure who asked the question to begin with (as though you needed a reason!), but here is the full list of 237 reasons why people have sex:

1. I was ”in the heat of the moment.”
2. It just happened.
3. I was bored.
4. It just seemed like ”the thing to do.”
5. Someone dared me.
6. I desired emotional closeness “(i.e.,” intimacy).
7. I wanted to feel closer to God.
8. I wanted to gain acceptance from my friends.
9. It’s “exciting,” adventurous.
10. I wanted to make up after a fight.Why People Have Sex
11. I wanted to get rid of aggression.
12. I was under the influence of drugs.
13. I wanted to have something to tell my friends.
14. I wanted to express my love for the person.
15. I wanted to experience the physical pleasure.
16. I wanted to show my affection to the person.
17. I felt like I owed it to the person.
18. I was attracted to the person.
19. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release.
20. My friends were having sex and I wanted to fit in.
21. It feels good.
22. My partner kept insisting.
23. The person was famous and I wanted to be able to say I had sex with him/her.
24. I was physically forced to.
25. I was verbally coerced into it.
26. I wanted the person to love me.
27. I wanted to have a child.
28. I wanted to make someone else jealous.
29. I wanted to have more sex than my friends.
30. I was married and you’re supposed to.
31. I was tired of being a virgin.
32. I was ”horny.”
33. I wanted to feel loved.
34. I was feeling lonely.
35. Everyone else was having sex.
36. I wanted the attention.
37. It was easier to ”go all the way” than to stop.
38. I wanted to ensure the relationship was ”committed.”
39. I was competing with someone else to ”get the person.”
40. I wanted to ”gain control” of the person.
41. I was curious about what the person was like in bed.
42. I was curious about sex.
43. I wanted to feel attractive.
44. I wanted to please my partner.
45. I wanted to display submission.
46. I wanted to release anxiety/stress.
47. I didn’t know how to say ”no.”
48. I felt like it was my duty.
49. I wanted to end the relationship.
50 My friends pressured me into it.
51. I wanted the adventure/excitement.
52. I wanted the experience.
53. I felt obligated to.
54. It’s fun.
55. I wanted to get even with someone “(i.e.,” get revenge).
56. I wanted to be popular.
57. It would get me gifts.
58. I wanted to act out a fantasy.
59. I hadn’t had sex for a while.
60. The person was ”available.”
61. I didn’t want to ”lose” the person.
62. I thought it would help ”trap” a new partner.
63. I wanted to make someone else jealous.
64. I felt sorry for the person.
65. I wanted to feel powerful.
66. I wanted to ”possess” the person.
67. I wanted to release tension.
68. I wanted to feel good about myself.
69. I was slumming.
70. I felt rebellious.
71. I wanted to intensify my relationship.
72. It seemed like the natural next step.
73. I wanted to be nice.
74. I wanted to feel connected to the person.
75. I wanted to feel young.
76. I wanted to manipulate him/her into doing something for me.
77. I wanted him/her to stop bugging me about sex.
78. I wanted to hurt/humiliate the person.
79. I wanted the person to feel good about themselves.
80. I didn’t want to disappoint the person.
81. I was trying to ”get over” an earlier person/relationship.
82. I wanted to reaffirm my sexual orientation.
83. I wanted to try out new sexual techniques or positions.
84. I felt guilty.
85. My hormones were out of control.
86. It was the only way my partner would spend time with me.
87. It became a habit.
88. I wanted to keep my partner happy.
89. I had no self-control.
90. I wanted to communicate at a deeper level.
91. I was afraid my partner would have an affair if I didn’t have sex with him/her.
92. I was curious about my sexual abilities.
93. I wanted a ”spiritual” experience.
94. It was just part of the relationship ”routine”.
95. I wanted to lose my inhibitions.
96. I got ”carried away.”
97. I needed another ”notch on my belt.”
98. The person demanded that I have sex with him/her.
99. The opportunity presented itself.
100. I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex while stoned “(e.g.,” on marijuana or some other drug).
101. It’s considered ”taboo” by society.
102. I wanted to increase the number of sex partners I had experienced.
103. The person was too ”hot” (sexy) to resist.
104. I thought it would relax me.
105. I thought it would make me feel healthy.
106. I wanted to experiment with new experiences.
107. I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with another person.
108. I thought it would help me to fall asleep.
109. I could brag to other people about my sexual experience.
110. It would allow me to ”get sex out of my system” so that I could focus on other things.
111. I wanted to decrease my partner’s desire to have sex with someone else.
112. It would damage my reputation if I said ”no.”
113. The person was too physically attractive to resist.
114. I wanted to celebrate something.
115. I was seduced.
116. I wanted to make the person feel better about themselves.
117. I wanted to increase the emotional bond by having sex.
118. I wanted to see whether sex with a different partner would feel different or better.
119. I was mad at my “partner,” so I had sex with someone else.
120. I wanted to fulfill a previous promise to my partner.
121. It was expected of me.
122. I wanted to keep my partner from straying.
123. I wanted the pure pleasure.
124. I wanted to dominate the other person.
125. I wanted to make a conquest.
126. I’m addicted to sex.
127. It was a favor to someone.
128. I wanted to be used or degraded.
129. Someone offered me money to do it.
130. I was drunk.
131. It seemed like good exercise.
132. I was pressured into doing it.
133. The person offered to give me drugs for doing it.
134. I was frustrated and needed relief.
135. It was a romantic setting.
136. I felt insecure.
137. My regular partner is “boring,” so I had sex with someone else.
138. I was on the ”rebound” from another relationship.
139. I wanted to boost my self-esteem.
140. I wanted to get my partner to stay with me.
141. Because of a bet.
142. It was a special occasion.
143. I wanted to get a special favor from someone.
144. I wanted to get back at my partner for having cheated on me.
145. I wanted to enhance my reputation.
146. I wanted to keep warm.
147. I wanted to punish myself.
148. I wanted to break up a rival’s relationship by having sex with his/her partner.
149. I wanted to stop my partners’ nagging.
150. I wanted to impress friends.
151. I wanted to achieve an orgasm.
152. I wanted to brag to my friends about my conquests.
153. I wanted to improve my sexual skills.
154. I wanted to get a job.
155. I wanted to get a raise.
156. I wanted to get a promotion.
157. I wanted to satisfy a compulsion.
158. I wanted to make money.
159. I wanted to keep my partner satisfied.
160. I wanted to change the topic of conversation.
161. I wanted to get out of doing something.
162. I wanted to test my compatibility with a new partner.
163. I wanted to get a partner to express love.
164. I wanted to put the passion back into my relationship.
165. I wanted to prevent a breakup.
166. I wanted to become one with another person.
167. I wanted to get a favor from someone.
168. I wanted to breakup my relationship.
169. I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease “(e.g.,” “herpes,” AIDS).
170. I wanted to breakup another’s relationship.
171. I wanted to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
172. I wanted to make myself feel better about myself.
173. I wanted to get rid of a headache.
174. I was afraid to say ”no” due to the possibility of physical harm.
175. I wanted to keep my partner from straying.
176. I wanted to burn calories.
177. I wanted to even the score with a cheating partner.
178. I wanted to hurt an enemy.
179. I wanted to feel older.
180. I wanted to raise my self-esteem.
181. It was an initiation rite to a club or organization.
182. I wanted to become more focused on work – sexual thoughts are distracting.
183. I wanted to say ”I’ve missed you.”
184. I wanted to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or special occasion.
185. I wanted to say ”I’m sorry.”
186. I wanted to return a favor.
187. I wanted to say ”Thank you.”
188. I wanted to welcome someone home.
189. I wanted to say ”goodbye.”
190. I wanted to defy my parents.
191. I wanted to relieve menstrual cramps.
192. I wanted to relieve ”blue balls.”
193. I wanted to get the most out of life.
194. I wanted to feel feminine.
195. I wanted to feel masculine.
196. I am a sex addict.
197. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about.
198. I thought it would boost my social status.
199. The person had a lot of money.
200. The person’s physical appearance turned me on.
201. The person was a good dancer.
202. Someone had told me that this person was good in bed.
203. The person had beautiful eyes.
204. The person made me feel sexy.
205. An erotic movie had turned me on.
206. The person had taken me out for an expensive dinner.
207. The person was a good kisser.
208. The person had bought me jewelry.
209. The person had a great sense of humor.
210. The person seemed self-confident.
211. The person really desired me.
212. The person was really desired by others.
213. I wanted to gain access to that person’s friend.
214. I felt jealous.
215. The person flattered me.
216. I wanted to see if I could get the other person into bed.
217. The person had a desirable body.
218. I had not had sex in a long time.
219. The person smelled nice.
220. The person had an attractive face.
221. I saw the person naked and could not resist.
222. I was turned on by the sexual conversation.
223. The person was intelligent.
224. The person caressed me.
225. The person wore revealing clothes.
226. The person had too much to drink and I was able to take advantage of them.
227. I knew the person was usually ”out of my league.”
228. The person was mysterious.
229. I realized I was in love.
230. I wanted to forget about my problems.
231. I wanted to reproduce.
232. I wanted to feel loved.
233. I wanted my partner to notice me.
234. I wanted to help my partner forget about their problems.
235. I wanted to lift my partner’s spirits.
236. I wanted to submit to my partner.
237. I wanted to make my partner feel powerful.

This list comes from a University of Texas study published August 2007 issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior (Study PDF). It asked 400 students and volunteers why they had sex. Keep in mind, most of the subjects were college-age students.

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There are many reasons why people have sex. Feel free to share your reasons in the comment section.