Swinging Lifestyle with Cooper S Beckett

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There are many misconceptions about swinging, polyamory, open relationships, non-monogamy and other similar relationship types. In this Ready for Love podcast, I talk with Cooper S Beckett about the differences between these and we delve into details about the swinging lifestyle. Cooper offered my listeners a special offer on his book – A Life Less Monogamous, check below for details.

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These are some of the topics we will discuss –

  • The differences between swinging, polyamory, open relationships & non-monogamy
  • First dates for swingers
  • Male sexuality and swinging
  • Give yourself permission to screw up
  • Nerves, dysfunction and swinging
  • Jealousy and swinging
  • Changing relationship dynamics
  • Sexy Schrodinger
  • Sex is sex with or without penetration
  • Intolerance and judgment in and out of the lifestyle
  • The importance of communication between partners

Special Limited Time Offer for My Listeners for A Life Less Monogamous

As a special offer for listeners, I’m giving 10% off A Life Less Monogamous using promo code READYFORLOVE when you purchase through Cooper’s website at http://www.alifelessmonogamous.com

Cooper S Beckett’s Bio – 

Cooper S. Beckett is the founder of Life on the Swingset &  host of its swinging & polyamory podcast. He speaks and teaches classes on pegging, swinging, polyamory, play parties, and non-monogamy. He is a graphic & web designer, photographer, and voice over artist, has been a guest expert on Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast, & is the announcer of Tristan Taormino’s radio show Sex Out Loud. He has written two books. My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging & Polyamory & A Life Less Monogamous, and is working on two more, The Big Book of Swinging, and Approaching The Swingularity.

Connect with Cooper – 


Website URL – coopersbeckett.com

Facebook URL – http://facebook.com/coopersbeckett

Twitter Name @coopersbeckett

Sexless Marriage and Increasing Intimacy in Marriage with Liam Naden

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Join Nikki Leigh, love coach and host of Ready for Love radio. Liam Naden, a relationship coaching and author joins me for this podcast. His specialty is helping people in marriages and relationships in trouble. So, we will talk about sexless marriages and working on problems in your relationship. We will also talk about things to do before getting into a new relationship to help you have a positive and healthy relationship.

Ready for Love radio 

Airing Thursdays 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific 


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We will discuss –

  • What is a sexless marriage
  • How common are sexless marriages
  • What causes or prompts this situation
  • How can you work on your relationship
  • What should you do before having a committed relationship
  • And much more….

Liam headshotAbout Liam Naden

Liam Naden is a marriage and relationship coach, specializing in helping couples and individuals to save and strengthen their marriage when it gets into trouble. He is the author of more than 25 Kindle books (including 10 bestsellers), which include “The Sexless Marriage Cure” and the #1 best seller “How to Save Your Marriage – When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To

He is the creator and host of the podcast, “Growing in Love for Life – Save and Strengthen Your Marriage” and also the creator of two marriage-saving programs. Originally from New Zealand, he is now based in Europe and shares his information with couples and individuals from around the world.

Book: The Sexless Marriage Cure

Details here: http://www.amazon.com/Sexless-Marriage-Cure-Partner-Interested-ebook/dp/B0075ICGLG/

Website URL – www.liamnaden.com

Facebook URLs – https://www.facebook.com/GrowingInLoveForLife/


Twitter Name @liamnaden


Changing the World One Orgasm at a Time with Michael Schuessler

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On Ready for Love radio this week, I talk with Michael Schuessler about how he helps people to improve their love lives and sex life. He also helps people to understand that it all begins with learning to love ourselves….

Ready for Love radio

Airing Thursdays 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific


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These are some of the things we discuss —

  • Michael’s early sexual experiences
  • Deeper knowledge about the g-spot & orgasms
  • Patience & communication
  • Ego and intimacy
  • Definition of Self – Love
  • And much more….

Holy G RailAbout The Holy G-Rail 

A self-help, relationship, stamina, and confidence-building book, promoting POWERFUL ORGASMS . It is a quick easy read and simple to accomplish. The G-spot has NEVER before been approached in this way before, by relating the male’s genitalia, to that of the females, or through the sensation of touch.

It Also shows the dualities between the fabled “HOLY GRAIL” and the beautiful women that are within our presence daily. The book pays tribute to them and reminds us to continually cherish them for they hold within them this beautiful chalice of eternal youth, life and of seemingly immortality.

You Can Find Michael –

Check out my original interview with Michael –

Interview – Michael Schuessler

Poem – The Mirror

dating, female sexuality, male sexuality, married men, married women, relationship, single men, single women, women's issue

I spotted this on a Facebook page (Goddess of Sacred Sex) and really liked it. You could also call it – “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” or “turnabout is fair play” or any of those cliches.

To any man or woman who wants to be free in a relationship – read this. I think its fine as long as both people in the relationship agree. This poem is about a man who wanted to be free – but didn’t want the women he was involved with, to be free.

Feel free to share your thoughts….


He said – I like many women.
I can’t be just with one.
She answered with a smile.
He said – That’s me. I am free and
I don’t owe anything to anybody.
She lit up a cigarette and looked down.
He said – I like women who understand me
and respect my freedom.
And I do not intend to change it.
She smiled and exhaled a plume of smoke.
He said: Let’s have fun, I like you.
She stubbed out her cigarette
and looked him straight in the eye.
He realized she doesn’t mind.
He asked – You must have been with many men?
She hugged him and pulled him closer.
He asked – do you feel good with me?
She closed her eyes and kissed him.
Leaving in the morning he said:
Everything was amazing, just
let’s keep this between us.
She reached out and flicked an invisible
speck of dust from his shoulder.
He said – I’ll call sometimes.
She nodded and closed the door.
He called her by evening of the day.
She wasn’t at home.
He barely managed to contact her late at night
She allowed him to come to her place after a week.
He asked – Well, did you had fun without me?
She smiled and offered him a coffee.
He was calling her almost everyday.
Sometimes she just doesn’t pick up.
He was coming to her only if she allowed.
She didn’t explain why the invitations were so rare.
He realized he wanted to be with her,
fidgeting when she didn’t answer his calls.
He went out of his skin when he knew people
have had seen her with someone. He wanted
everyone to know that they are together.
She disagreed.
He arrived with a huge bouquet of red roses.
She accepted the flowers, but asked him
to never come without invitation.
He wanted to ask her to marry him.
She said – That’s me.
He lit up a cigarette.
His hands were shaking.
She said – I am free.
Suddenly he felt cold.
She said – I don’t owe anything to anybody.
He felt as if his heart is about to stop.
Then she added – and I do not intend to change it!


Music & Relationships with Ray Powers

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Music and relationships — we’re all familiar with couples who talk about “our song” and we know there are certain staples that everyone seems to use at their wedding reception. But is there a deeper correlation between music and our relationships – personal, business & intimate?

Listen on www.newvisionsradio.com 

Thursdays 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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My guest is an expert on music from concept to songwriting, to production and performance and I’m a Certified Relationship Coach – and we’re going to discuss these topics and much more:

  • How can you bring music into a relationship
  • Did a partner get you interested in a new type of music or group
  • Does a person’s musical choices influence what you think of them
  • Mix tapes and the 21st century equivalent
  • Relationship songs
  • How does music connect us
  • How does music help to create human intimacy
  • Why do some songs resonate with people more than others
  • Music and our emotions, mood and moments
  • What is it about music that stimulates us

On this podcast my special guest has been in the music business for decades. He is also the host of The Ray Powers Hour which airs just before me on New Visions Radio. That’s right – his name is Ray Powers and you can find out more about him in the bio below.

About Ray Powers – 

2014 was a landmark year for three-time Billboard™ Songwriting Award winner and six-time 2015 Nashville Universe Award nominee RAY POWERS. His two most recent singles, ‘It’s You’ and ‘One Kiss’ both reached #1 on the VRadio Nashville charts in March and July of 2014, respectively – and the independent label Mad Hands Records releases were soon distributed worldwide to over 120 countries by way of more than two dozen major distributors including Sony Music Unlimited.

As a bassist, Powers has backed such legends as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, The Drifters; along with million-selling stars Lou Christie, Tavares, The Skyliners and many more. As a solo artist, Ray has capitalized on his recent success and is currently supporting the still-charting ‘One Kiss’ on his ‘Serious About Fun’ tour.

In 2015, Powers launched his top-rated music-based talk show: the RAY POWERS HOUR and found immediate success. The #1 internet-based show airs on Thursday nights 8-9pm EDT.

Listen to The Ray Powers Hour Live Thursdays at 8 pm ET/5pm PT at http://www.newvisionsradio.com 


The Male G-Spot – Have You Found It Yet

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The G-spot for men and women is a touchy subject for some people – but the level of pleasure that can be derived from finding and stimulating it is definitely worth the effort.

There has been a lot of media coverage lately about whether the female G-spot exists. My friend and mentor Dr Ava Cadell was interviewed for an article on ABCNews.com about the female G-spot (If you would like to read that article, click this link.)

The reason I mentioned the local media coverage about whether the female G-Spot exists is because I got an interesting idea tonight. And, people who know me, know that interesting ideas usual prompt me to write a blog post 🙂

There is a recent study that claims women do not have a G-spot. I personally think that is wrong. Okay, maybe many women haven’t found their G-Spot and some may not even care to find it. Here is my question – do the “experts” think that men have a G-Spot? Ah, now if the experts were convinced men have a spot that causes much more intense and satisfying orgasms – I bet they would spend a fortune studying this. Can you imagine the line of volunteers to participate.

I believe men do have a spot that is very similar to the female G-Spot, but for some people it can be very hard to find. You may wonder why its so hard to find. That is because of where its located…. it is in the anus – not far inside, but inside. That’s right – someone has to insert their finger into your anus to find this spot. Now you’re starting to understand the title of this blog aren’t you?


This picture is a little “busy” – but it shows the way to find the male G-Spot. Someone simply slides a finger or two into the anus and crook the finger in a “come here” motion. It is good to lubricate the finger first and some people prefer to wear gloves or a finger cot. It is also great if the man thoroughly cleans the area before trying this.

A friend mentioned that he would like to try this with someone since he hadn’t tried it yet. I know he’s seeing a couple of women, so I asked if he had mentioned this to them. His answer was “no – they will do it if they want to.” I had to disagree with that comment and its one of the reasons I’m writing this post.

How many women out there in the blogosphere would be hesitant to mention this to their man or to slid a finger in? So, I asked my friend if he had done this to women he had been with – his answer was “yes”. My next comment was that the next time he is playing with his finger(s) in her butt, he could say something like, “I’d love for you to do that to me.” I also suggested that he should say that to the more adventurous woman 🙂

I know that some people have issues with anything being inserted into their anus and that is their prerogative. I’m just mentioning and explaining this for people who would like to try something new – that can be very satisfying.

I recently completed the G-Spot certification course (home study course) through Loveology University and there is a section in that class about the male G-Spot. I’ll share a few things from the class and the link for more info.

I’ve heard many people in the media and on several segments of The View complain that saying there is a G-Spot is causing unnecessary stress and pressure for men and women to find the G-Spot. I have a couple of comments about that –

1 – if people want to look or feel for it, they should have the information

2 – just like anything in life, not everyone is the same, so why not at least try to see if you can locate it

3 – it can be an incredible orgasm and well worth the effort to find it

4 – even if you don’t find the right spot right away, you and your lover will learn more about your body and could definitely find new ways to satisfy you.

The Male G-Spot – some details: (excerpts from G-Spot Certification Course from Loveology University)

Men have a G-spot too. It is the prostate gland, which can be excited by massage to arouse your lover to new levels of intimate pleasure since the area of the anus is surrounded with sensitive nerve endings.

One reason it is called the ‘Hero spot’ is because it takes a hero to be adventurous, secure in his masculinity and trusting with his partner in order to embark on Hero Spot exploration. Others refer to it as the male G-spot because the intensity of the orgasm is similar to what a woman feels.

The male prostate is deeper and resides at the neck of the bladder and that is where a valve dictates if the man is going to ejaculate or urinate. It is important to know that men cannot come and go at the same time.

The prostate can be effectively stimulated by the insertion of a finger or vibrator into your lover’s anus. Women with short fingers may not be able to get to it, in which case a G-spot vibrator for women works just as well for men.

1.Lubricate your finger or vibrator and insert palm up, in a “come hither” motion inside his anus. Once you feel the sensation of pushing against a walnut-sized lump, you have reached the prostate or male G-spot.
2.Apply a light pressure either tapping, rubbing or stroking towards the perineum (the landing strip between the anus and the testicles) to create pleasurable sensations for him.

3. Ask your lover what feels best. Some men say their pleasure zone is just one knuckle inside the anus; others are deeper. Levels of pleasurable response vary with each individual.

Be sure to ask your lover how he likes to be stroked, including what kind of pressure and motions feel best.

Once you get comfortable with this – you can give your man a bigasm – he will absolutely love that. Imagine his satisfaction if you are stimulating 2 erogenous zones on his body at the same time and he reaches orgasm. Its mind blowing and the full instructions are in the course 🙂 Actually, instructions for the male and the female trigasm are in the course…..


Any thoughts or experiences you would like to share?

Maggie Bain, Author of Love on the Rock

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Your host and love coach Nikki Leigh welcomes Relationship & Intimacy Specialist to Ready for Love Radio.

Join us for an interesting variety of topics – included in the video and much more. Let’s have a direct conversation about how to deepen the intimacy in your relationship. Is the spark gone or dying out? Do you want more love and passion?

Tune in Thursday nights 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern on www.newvisionsradio.com for love, relationship, sex and intimacy topics each week.

Did you miss the show? No problem. Click the MP3 player below to hear our interview

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Ready for Love Radio – http://www.newvisionsradio.com

Master the Perfect Kiss and Give Your Partner a Great Gift

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For many years, guys and gals growing up getting their sex cues from Hollywood romances didn’t have a clue about how to kiss. That changed with more realistic kisses coming to the movies, but now the pendulum has gone beyond that point with most movie kisses looking like the two combatants are consuming each other for lunch.

This has caused more than a few folks to fail to understand how a kiss should work, and what methods might be employed to arouse the ardor in a lover with a simple kiss.

Unlike today’s movies, you shouldn’t jump into your lover’s mouth like a high-speed chase through a tunnel. Instead, build her anticipation by kissing all around her face. Begin your kiss slowly and gently with emotion and sensitivity.

First, kiss without using your tongue, slightly open mouthed, with sweet breath. Only after this initial modest kiss should you start to get serious, and only when your lover indicates that she’s ready for more (usually by using her tongue or by opening her mouth more widely to invite your tongue in).

From this point, there are a variety of ways you can continue this interplay:

  • Take your lover’s bottom lip between the two of yours and suck gently.
  • Trace the outline of your lover’s lips with the tip of your tongue.
  • While kissing, lick you lover’s teeth with your tongue.
  • To increase sexual excitement, make your kiss wet.
  • Wrap your lips around your lover’s tongue and suck passionately.
  • Use hot or cold liquids to create erotic sensations.
  • Kissing her eyelids and ears.

The key to success in all this is to go slowly, and to keep things modest especially with the first few kisses. Be sure to follow your lover’s kissing techniques and emulate them. Little by little the two of you will learn what works best.

Then put your knowledge to good use, bringing her slowly closer to consummating your encounter.

Self Confidence Makes You a Great Lover

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Love is a beautiful emotion, a gift given to a chosen few. Not everybody get lots of love in his or her lifetime. However, many times lovers mess it up and don’t appreciate the gift they were given. They are unable to meet each other’s expectations by growing too possessive, by being too shy, by being unnecessarily skeptical and on and on!

Most of the time, the culprit is within ourselves. It makes us perceive things, especially potential problems, as being much bigger than they actually are and makes us overreact to events that could have been easily avoided. We find it is much easier to tear something down, than to build something – especially when it comes to the matters of the heart. An ignorant and careless person is vulnerable to losing a lot, including his or her life partner. Read on for information about simple things that will keep you from hurting your partner and keep your love life blossoming.  Here are some habits of self-confident lovers.

Are Not Jealous

If you are jealous of your partner, this is a sure indication that the foundations of love are not deep enough to withstand the wear and tear of time. Self confident lovers consider their partners as an extension of their own selves and feel happy if somebody has something good to say about their partners.

There is no “yours” or “mine” in their relationship. It’s always “ours,” which forms the basis of their love. Most people get embarrassed, sceptical or annoyed when comments like this are made about their partner – “Your girl is so beautiful” or “Your boyfriend has a talent of impressing girls.” However, a confident man would say, “Yes. I know she is so beautiful and I’m very proud to be in love with her,” while a self-confident girl will shoot back – “Yes. He impressed me too!” Remember your individual qualities are a combined “quality pool” belonging to you both, and both partners must treat is as an asset. This is only possible when both of you are confident of each other’s love and commitment.

Are More Forgiving

Self-confident people are able to maintain a cool and calm composure in the times of crisis. They are able to analyze situations and to put themselves in their partner’s shoes. This allows them to see their partner’s viewpoint and understand their behavior. In many instances, our partner’s behavior annoys us. People who lack self-confidence will make us think negatively and to doubt ourselves or our partners. On the other hand, self-confident lovers believe in “forgive and forget” and can move on.

Make Your Partner More Secure and Comfortable

In a relationship, looks matter to a point, but the characteristics that matter even more are a sensible and rational nature, a sense of humor, the ability to handle tough situations and more. Self-confident lovers are a great place to look for these qualities. Their self confidence is contagious and they are often promising professionals as well. They enjoy respect and camaraderie, and nurture positive and constructive thoughts. They seem to have the ability to push away or resolve problems and provide for their family. A self-confident lover makes us feel secure, comfortable and makes life worth living!

Give Your Partner the Gift of Independence!

Sometimes instead of love liberating us, it actually binds us. If you have a possessive partner, they want to have all the details of our lives. Who do you work with? Who was that person who called at 7 am? Why do you want a personal car? Why do you wear makeup every time you go out? Why are you wearing that dress at this hour…and on and on!

Love, which can be the most beautiful emotion in our lives, will seem to fill us with hope and enthusiasm, but over time can drain out all the energy from us. You feel like you are strapped to someone, answerable to someone and tethered so you have limited mobility. Love can start to feel like bondage. Self-confident lovers understand the importance of independence. They let their partner fly and soar great heights, because they know at the end of the day, they will return to their partners’ arms.


Open Relationships with Rach Wilson on Ready for Love Radio

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Join your host and Love Coach Nikki Leigh for a discussion with Relationship Coach Rach Wilson. Ready for Love Radio airs weekly on Thursday nights, 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern at http://www.newvisionsradio.com. If you miss the show Monday night, listen to the podcast below –

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People listening to the show will learn:

  • How real adult relationships work
  • What happens to people when they suppress their natural desires and needs
  • The key factors for relationships success
  • The key factors causing infidelity, depression, suicide that are easily reversed
  • What happens to relationships when partners are judgmental
  • How judgment is society’s cancer and how it’s affecting our ability to thrive
  • The problems common across all communities
  • How to reverse our judgmental society
  • What happens when sex isn’t an open topic
  • How to spice up your sex life
  • How to start opening up your sexual relationship to explore new things together
  • How to keep your relationship safe when exploring non-monogamy
  • What Intelligent Sex TV is and how to join in the movement


Find more about –
Nikki Leigh – http://www.lovecoachjourney.com
Intelligent Sex TV – http://intelligentsex.tv
Non-Monogamy – http://chantelleaustin.com
Ready for Love Archives – http://www.lovecoachjourney.com/ready-for-love-radio/