What is sacred rekationship

Sacred Relationships – What Are They

I found this article this morning and I really like the description of sacred relationships. Have you wondered if you’re strange if the usual definition of love doesn’t seem really appealing? Do the usual “loving”[…]

The Need to Empower Your Partner

A friend mentioned this in a conversation we were having – and I had to share it You have to empower someone if you want their complete uninhibited self…

Meghan Linsey-Change-My-Mind

Lyrics from Change My Mind by Meghan Linsey

I just found the lyrics from Change My Mind by Meghan Linsey — it has a cool message for anyone who has been in a relationship of any kind where they felt they were losing[…]

Sexual Shaming - Guilt Feeling about Sex

Sexual Shaming (Guest Post by Paul Bagge)

This is such a great topic and expressed so well that I had to share Paul Bagge’s article. Please give yourself permission to read the article and to keep an open mind. There are so[…]


Do Entrepreneurs Have Better Sex

I discovered an interesting article that is based on the idea that entrepreneurs have better sex. The article lays out the 7 reasons why that’s true. I’ll share the 7 reasons below – and the[…]


Variety in Your Love Making is More Satisfying – Find Out Why

I spotted this article a week ago and the blogger did a great job of summing up the types of thrusts and why each has its own appeal. Its a great article – interesting and[…]

04-16-15 10 Tips to Great Sex

What Does Your Partner Need to Have a Satisfying Sex Life

I just discovered an interesting blog which has great in depth articles about sexuality and intimacy. The title of the article I’m going to share definitely jumped off the page – and may offend some[…]

Michael Russer - Business Card

Erectile Dysfunction and Increased Intimacy on Ready for Love Radio

Everywhere we turn we see advertisements for medicine to help men with erectile dysfunction. It is a more common problem than many people imagine. A lack of physical and emotional intimacy is another issue that[…]


What is a BSF and Could You Be a BSF

A friend of mine on Facebook shared a great post titled Are You a BSF? Think friends with benefits, but in more detail and explaining the ins and outs (pun intended) of moving from a[…]

NIna Hartley Ernest Green AVN Awards

How Does a Person Get Started in BDSM on Ready for Love Radio

In my last podcast – I had a lively conversation with Nina Hartley and Ernest Green. We discussed some of the misconceptions about BDSM and about the kind of things that are needed in a[…]