The Science of Love with Dawn Maslar

Science of Love with Dawn Maslar on Ready for Love radio with Love Coach Nikki Leigh

It is often said the brain is the largest and most important sex organ – I say that myself. Understanding how the mind works when it comes to love, relationships, intimacy and sex can be very important for us. That’s why I invited Dawn Maslar to be my guest and to discuss her book, Men Chase, Women Choose: The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind and Finding True Love. This interview premiers Thursday March 30th 2017 9 pm ET/6 pm PT Airing on  Facebook Event – If you…

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Impact of Religion on Sex and Relationships

Impact of Religion on Sex and Relationships - God and Sex by Darrel Ray

Religion and sex is something that I’ve wanted to do a podcast about for a long time. But, let me be clear up front that this is not about individual scriptures, doctrines or teachings. This podcast is about the impact of religion on relationships and the sexuality of individuals, not individual beliefs. Many of the things we discuss on this podcast may be subconscious – and many of these things will very likely be outside your comfort zone. I won’t deny that at all and neither would Dr Darrel Ray,…

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Lessons Learned from the Land of Non-Monogamy

There are many forms of non-monogamy and it can get pretty confusing. This week we’re going to discuss the options, the choices and how it works. Even if the idea isn’t “your cup of tea” – you can learn more about the different terms and concepts and understand that it may be more common than you realize. I love to learn about alternatives and different ideas. Whether its something I choose for myself or not – I find it interesting to learn new things and why it appeals to other…

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Sex and the Single Girl – A (Slightly Older) Woman’s Guide To Dominating the Dating World

Let’s talk about single women in their 40s, 50s and maybe even their 60s. They may be single or divorced, but they want to enjoy being on their own, out meeting men,dating and being independent. They may want to find  relationship, but they are also be okay on their own. Over 40 and single? Can’t figure out those dating apps? Tried dating apps and had a bad experience? Feel like you need to loose weight before dating again? How do I text with a man? What about sexting? Isn’t Tinder just for hookups?…

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Reclaim a Healthy Sex Life After Sexual Trauma with Dr Lori Bisbey

Healthy Sex Life After Sexual Trauma

Sexual assault can make it difficult to have a healthy relationship and a healthy sex life. Today we will talk about it and talk about how survivors can not only survive, but reclaim a healthy sex life and relationships after sexual trauma. My goal with this podcast is to provide information for trauma survivors, their partners, their friends and families and people who want more information about what survivors face. Dr Lori Beth Bisbey from London is my guest. Below, I’ll share some of the questions we’ll discuss in the…

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His Porn Her Pain with Dr Marty Klein

Dr Marty Klein author of His Porn Her Pain visits Ready for Love radio for this podcast. Dr Klein joins me for an interesting conversation about his new book and the current “porn panic”. He also explains the reasoning for the title of his book. Dr Klein has spoken nationally and internationally about these topics and I’m very pleased to have him with me to share his insights with us. Is porn panic really about porn? Is watching porn scientifically proven to be harmful? Is porn addictive? Does porn make…

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Third Generation Medicine Woman Diana Dorell on Ready for Love Radio

Diana Dorell is my guest on this podcast. She is a third generation medicine woman who brings a uniue perspective to her work with relationship clients. We will discuss online dating from a single female’s outlook. We discuss what intuition is and she has an interesting exercise to develop and hone your intuition. We’ll also talk about how being a modern day medicine woman can impact your relationships and your sex life. Did you miss the show – click below to hear the replay powered by podcast garden Send Diana…

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Fearless Love with Leslie Ziemba

Join me on this podcast as I sit down with Leslie Ziemba to find out how she got into coaching in the love and relationship field. We discuss her work as a Love and Lifestyle Coach and her book “Fearless Love” – Growing Through Divorce, Dating and Divine Purpose to Heal, Thrive and Attract the Love You Desire.  There are times we all need a “big sister” who will help us through the tough times.   If you missed the show when it premiers and the replays the first week…

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Childhood Traumas Connection to Relationships with Riana Milne

Many of us had various traumatic events in our childhoods. The things we may not consider, is how those things can impact our adult relationships. That connection, how to identify these issues and triggers, and what to do about it are some of the topics we discuss in today’s podcast of Ready for Love radio with my guest Riana Milne. Join us for our discussion which premiers Thanksgiving evening, Thursday November 24th, 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific. The show will also replay on the days and times listed below. After…

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Expectations and Boundaries with Benjamin Ritter

Expectations and Boundaries with Benjamin Ritter on Ready for Love Radio

Expectations and Boundaries are so important in our relationships be so many people don’t discuss these things with their significant other and this can and does cause them so many problems. In this podcast on Ready for Love radio, I’ll speak with Benjamin Ritter and we will discuss both these topics in detail. If you missed the show the first week, click below for the archive. powered by podcast garden These are some of the things we’ll discuss How did Benjamin get into a relationship based field? What does he…

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