Can You Give an Eargasm

Are you looking for something unusual and stimulating to do for your partner? How about giving them an eargasm? You never know where it may lead.

Here is how I would describe it and feel free to customize the approach to fit the things you and your partner enjoy.

Many people are partial to having their neck kissed, so you can start with gentle kisses on her neck. You might want to kiss her so lightly that it almost tickles her. Does she like you to nibble on her neck, nuzzle your mouth and lips against her neck? Whatever technique you know she likes – would be the way to get started.

Reach around her neck with your hand and slide your fingers into her hair. Does she like for you to run your hands through her hair or to pull her head closer to you? Just go with your gut and if/when you hear her moan, know you’re doing great.

Next move your mouth to her ear. Almost no one likes their partner to be noisy or excessively wet when they are kissing their ears, so be quiet and be careful not to be slobbery with her. You can tick your tongue into her ear, but watch her reactions to see if you’re doing too much or if she enjoys it.

With the tip of your tongue, lick her ears. You can run your turn along the edge of her ear. It can be nice to alternative your tongue on her ear and blowing softly into her ear. If she likes nibbling, try soft nibbles on her ear lobe and you can alternate that with suck on her lobe. You could suck on the lobe and brush your tongue against the lobe.

Be creative and use your imagination. Some people love eargasms but other people don’t – so be very aware of your partner’s reactions and any sounds she makes. It is very possible she will like some of the things you do and not others, so pay attention to her body language, verbal and non-verbal communication. All these reactions help you know what she likes what she doesn’t. Have you tried something similar that worked well? Feel free to share.

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