Baking Bread for Romance

All young girls and young women have heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This put an interesting new spin on that idea.

The simple act of baking has been used as a sacred ritual since human being first learned to heat food over an open flame. Today this art is called Kitchen Witchery and it has a loyal following.

Breads and other grain products are the ones most often chosen for kitchen magick simply because of their ancient associations with unity and magickal timing. Grain products have been sacred to many deities all around the world, with harvest and threshing times often marking the dates of ancient holiday. The phrase “breaking bread together” ha been used to umbolize unity, friendship and familial bonds, and has also been the basis for many spells designed to attract romance.

An English spell that is alo popular in the southern Appalachian Mountains tells us to bake a loaf of bread where the name of our desired love has either been carved onto the dough prior to or during the baking. As the loaf bakes, the baker should it near the stove, mentally pouring the energy of their desired outcomes into the bread. When this magickally charged loaf is shared between the baker and their desired mate, an engagement is almost a certainty.

Whether you believe in the magick or not — do you pour your love into all the things you bake for your loved one?

(From Bewitchments: Love Magick for Modern Romance by Edain McCoy)

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