Awkward Dating with Dr Sue Mandel

Dating can be smooth, easy and perfect (who am I kidding) but we all know that’s incredibly rare, more often there are many awkward moments. Awkward dating is the topic for discussion tonight on Ready for Love Radio with my guest Dr Sue Mandel. Also understanding your deserve love and having confidence in your self-worth and much more. Join us!

Thursday 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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Some thoughts we discuss – 

  • What is it about those dating moments and situations that make us go blank, or be unable to get our words out? And what can we do about it?
  • Why are some women either scared or even terrified to bring up a “sensitive” topic or question?
  • Is there a big difference between the topic being about her partner or herself?
  • I’ve been divorced for 8 years and haven’t been intimate with a new or different person since my divorce. I just met someone I like, and I’m afraid it will be too awkward and self-conscious. Help! I wish he would have better daily hygiene
  • Have you dating or been intimate with any friends of mine?

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About Sue Mandel, Ph.D., LMFT – Certified Dating Coach / Certified Professional Life Coach

Dr. Sue Mandel is a psychologist, marriage & family therapist, certified dating coach, and professional life coach. She specializes in helping women over 40 successfully bring lasting love into their lives. She does this not only by offering the most effective date coaching techniques, but also by building confidence, exploring your intimate attachment style and dating against type to meet Mr. Right, rewiring your romantic brain, mindfulness techniques, and more. Dr. Sue’s coaching is about working from the inside out, and the outside in. Belief in your worthiness and beauty is the foundation of Dr. Sue’s coaching.

Dr. Sue’s interest in offering dating and relationship help to individuals over 40 came from sharing the journey with so many clients who were ready to throw in the towel. But she knew from years of her own personal dating experiences, and helping her single clients, that this wasn’t necessary.

She knew how difficult dating can be, not only from the challenges and triumphs of hundreds of date coaching clients, but on a personal level, as well. When she got divorced in her early 40s she thought dating would be a piece of cake; after all, understanding people was her specialty! To her surprise it didn’t exactly go exactly as planned when she started dating after a few years. She learned many lessons, and they’re all in her coaching. In her 50s she met a man online, who would become her fiancé, best friend, and amazing second dad to her daughters. She never knew she could be so happy.

Between her own experiences as a psychotherapist and coach, and being in the “trenches” dating, she has put together an exciting program to help you achieve dating success. Uncovering your barriers to bringing love into your life, increasing your emotional IQ, and rewiring your brain on a path of growth—all puts YOU in charge of reaching your dreams—preparing you for a 2nd brilliant act!

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