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Should You Participate in a Threesome with a Couple

In an earlier article, I shared pros and cons for couples who are considering participating in a threesome or moresome. Now – let’s talk about the single man or woman who is considering joining a couple for a threesome. Everything I’ve read, says most (if not all) men fantasize about threesomes – preferably with two women. I think many women […]

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Kissing Home Study Course

I really looked forward to taking the kissing course in my studies at Loveology University. Kissing is undoubtedly a favorite topic. There are many great tips in the course, but one of the most fun is that you can burn 26 calories from heavy kissing for 60 seconds. Sounds like a popular exercise program? Do you think you know everything […]

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Certified in Anal Pleasure

I took the Loveologist curriculum of courses from Dr Ava at Loveology University. There is so much incredible information that it was overwhelming at times – but I put together a plan. She offers a course called the Master Sexpert course and the Love Coach Certification course. So, here are the topics in the Master Sexpert course – I finished […]

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The Benefits of Sex May Surprise You

There are many physical benefits to sex – not just sexual gratification – although that is a great benefit of sex. But, some people aren’t very interested in sex — this post gives you some information to share with your significant other if they need encouragement to have sex. I’d love to hear your thoughts Sex is Good For Headaches […]

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Body Language – What to Do and What Not to Do

Body language is one a strong way to communicate your feelings, moods, attitude, and personality. In fact, did you know that over 60% of communication comes from nonverbal cues? These include body movements and speech volume, pitch, and pacing. However, there are body gestures and movements that are considered rude and inappropriate. Proper body language has a right place and […]

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