Ask a Relationship Coach About Body Language

Betty asks…

Body language used when there is attraction?

What kinds of things do people do when they are attracted to one another– in terms of body language.

For example, what does it mean when someone frequently pulls you and hugs you tightly?
What sorts of gestures or actions do you find yourself doing when you really like someone?

nikki answers:

  • They tend to open their eyes widen when they look at you – and may look at you when you look away

  • They tend to smile a lot and in the beginning it may be a smile with a nervous laugh or giggle

  • If you stop talking or want to leave, they may try to pull you back into a conversation
  • They will usually stand or sit close to you – and often facing you directly
  • They will usually keep their arms open and hands facing up when they talk to you
  • Women will often play with their hair, or flip their hair or toss it back – men with longer hair may do the same thing
  • They may lick or bite their lips when they talk or are near you
  • They will often touch you – your arm, hand, shoulder, leg etc – just a brief touch and sometimes lingering longer


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