Are You a Desperate Woman

I saw an interesting post on Susan Bakos Crain’s blog about why some people are desperate. Here is what she had to say –


Defining The Desperate Woman

First, let’s clarify our terms: I define a desperate woman as having low self-esteem, believing she has no choices and must settle for whatever follows her home.

But my new friend Cecilia, 25, single and gorgeous, adds, “A lot of desperate women have unrealistic expectations. They are waiting for the perfect man, the man with a lot of money, the Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet. He doesn’t show and they feel desperate.”

Good point. Desperate is a state of mind, not the reality of how a woman looks or what she has to offer—but a mental state influenced often by unrealistic expectations and throwback societal attitudes about the comparative worth of male and female.


Why such prolonged desperation in women?

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