Alternatives to Internet Dating

For those looking for love, Internet dating has become an acceptable medium to find that special someone in recent years. Personal experiences differ drastically, from falling in love and getting married to their Internet friend to absolute disaster dates and people misrepresenting who they are. Just like every form of dating, there are bound to be both mishaps and success stories. If Internet dating is not your style, one of these alternatives may be a better fit.

Speed Dating

Speed dating occurs at singles events in which an even number of people sign up to participate. Each pair of singles is given roughly five minutes to get to know each other, usually until everyone has met. The benefits of this method of dating is that it’s easy to meet a lot of eligible singles in a short period of time who are all more or less looking for the same thing – a relationship. The drawback is that five minutes really isn’t enough time to get to know someone, and you may end up going on several dates as a result of the event that all end up going nowhere.

Professional Matchmaking

If you choose to go the matchmaking route, you will go through an interview process with a professional who will ask you a variety of questions about your interests, values, goals, pet peeves, turn-ons, and what you’re looking for in a partner. Then, based on your answers, your matchmaker will analyze his or her existing database of singles to find a few possible matches for you. Matchmaking is a great route for those who want to remain more anonymous, or those who prefer individualized attention. However, matchmaking is more expensive than other methods, and it can take weeks before even going on a first date, let alone find the right person.

Blind Dates

In movies and TV shows, blind dates are always depicted as being embarrassing, horrible, or just plain weird. However, blind dating is like having a matchmaking amateur, i.e. someone that knows you and loves you, set you up on a date with someone that they think would be a good fit. The plus with blind dating is that you know you won’t be set up with a creep, and someone close to you will be able to vouch for them. A potential downfall is that the date could go badly, possibly jeopardizing the relationship with your date and your friend or family member.

Bars and Night Clubs

Probably the most typical situation to meet someone is in a bar or nightclub. Everyone is looking their best, and many are hopeful that they’ll come home with a phone number or two. Though easy to meet people in this type of setting, some are adamantly against dating a man or woman they met at a bar. The benefit of this online dating alternative is that it is organic and relatively easy. A potential pitfall is that many times, people go out just to find a one-night stand or short-term fling.

Singles Cruises

Though not a viable option for everyone, a singles cruise is an interesting way to meet a number of eligible men or women. Everyone is in vacation mode, making them more relaxed, fun to talk to, and open to meeting others. A potential danger with meeting a special someone on a singles cruise is that they might live in another part of the country or world, making a relationship difficult. You may also end up meeting the same type of people that you’ll find in a bar or club that just want to hook up….

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