Nearly everyone is hoping to find love, re-kindle a romance or is seeking greater joy in their present relationships. Yet many people find it impossible or simply don’t consider that they need a healthy love for themselves. It is very difficult to find a healthy, loving relationship with another person when you don’t love and respect yourself.

We have a created a unique, potentially life-changing fixed membership program:  Learning to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself, and we are excited to introduce this affiliate opportunity. For $197, for 12 lessons members can study these lessons at their own pace.  Affiliates will be paid 30% commission on all sales.

Who can benefit from the Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself program?

  • People who struggle with self-doubt or are “hard on themselves”.
  • People who find themselves taking care of everyone else’s needs besides their own.
  • Anyone who has difficulty finding and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship.
  • Anyone who wants to be able to love others more freely.
  • People who find it difficult to stand up for themselves or express their needs – physical, mental, emotional, or sexual needs.
  • Anyone who battles anxiety, anger, sadness, regret or guilt.
  • People who realize pain from their past is holding them back.
  • Men and women who are uncomfortable with their own bodies.
  • Anyone who wants to find a happy, mutually respectful intimate relationship or improve an existing relationship.
  • Everyone who feels they aren’t living the lives they want for a variety of reasons.
  • People who need to discover what is holding them back from the life they want.

Nikki Leigh, a Certified Love and Relationship Coach, will guide members, in a compassionate but challenging and honest way, through the journey of self-discovery and self-awakening. Each lesson includes a PDF booklet (40-60 pages each) packed with information and workbook exercises, action steps for the week, and various bonus materials. The program can be divided into 5 phases and 12 individual lessons:

Stage 1: Understand Real Self-Love & Envision the Possibilities Ahead
Stage 2: Understand and Accept Yourself, Grow and Heal
Stage 3: Be Ready for a Healthy, Loving Relationship
Stage 4: Maintain Love for Yourself Through the Seasons of Life
Stage 5: Implement a Plan for a Magnificent Life

You can sign up with JVZoo as an affiliate at – Affiliate will earn 30% on sales they generate.

This program contains over 600 pages of unique content we developed and there are at least 2 bonus items with every lesson.

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