10 Smart Things Men Can Do to Turn Women On

10 Things Men Can Do To Turn Women On

Are you a guy who’s tired of the buff guys getting the girl? Are you totally out of your comfort zone at the gym? It can be pretty intimating in there. So – what’s a nice guy who’s reasonably cute, to do to get a girl’s attention?

I found some tips that just might help you. These are all things you can do and not one requires lifting weights or showering at the gym… but you can if you want 🙂

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Guys: 10 Sexy Smart Things You Do That Turn Us On

Here are the tips –

1. Have a deep, passionate interest in something.

2. Read — of your own accord!

3. Use a rich (but not pretentious) vocabulary.

4. Have an opinion on worldly issues.

5. Know what your dreams are … and chase after them.

6. Talk to me for hours about any topic under the sun.

7. Have not only booksmart intelligence, but emotional intelligence.

8. Have your sh*t together.

9. Have personal taste.

10. Teach me something new every day — even without even meaning to. –

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