Megan Pennington

Megan Pennington Talks about Music, Dreams and Goals

This week on Ready for Love Radio, I welcome Megan Pennington to the Ready for Love Radio show. We’re going to talk about how she got into the music industry, how she found her dream,[…]

Age is Only a Number

I just got these in my email – I have no idea where they came from, but there are so great, I had to share… There are some amazing people in this world! В В[…]

What Really Killed Whitney Houston

What Really Killed Whitney Houston and Why it Could Affect You

There have been many theories about who contributed to and what really killed Whitney Houston. On this episode of Ready for Love Radio, Love and Relationship Coach Nikki Leigh digs for some answers. This information[…]


Threesomes – Is It Right For You and Your Partner

It seems that many men are fascinated with group sex, in particular, sex with two or more women at a time. But more women are expressing an interest in threesomes and/or group sex. So what[…]


Be Ballsy with Melissa Krivachek on Ready for Love Radio

Have you ever wondered how you can Not To Suck At Love, Success & Happiness? Well this week, my guest Melissa Krivachek and I will share some of those answers with you. Now, don’t think we[…]

Young sexy white hetro couple in love

Master the Perfect Kiss and Give Your Partner a Great Gift

For many years, guys and gals growing up getting their sex cues from Hollywood romances didn’t have a clue about how to kiss. That changed with more realistic kisses coming to the movies, but now[…]


Self Confidence Makes You a Great Lover

Love is a beautiful emotion, a gift given to a chosen few. Not everybody get lots of love in his or her lifetime. However, many times lovers mess it up and don’t appreciate the gift[…]


Create a Deeper Connection with Your Lover

Have you ever had a friendship and sexual relationship with someone who touched you on a much deeper level? I’m talking about MORE than just touching, stroking, licking, sucking, etc  When we feel a connection[…]

sexual teaser

Why Do Women Have Sex

I read an interesting article on regarding a new book. Why Women Have Sex By Alyssa Fetini Tuesday, Oct. 06, 2009 While figuring out what women want has stumped men for centuries, understanding how[…]

Open Relationships with Rach Wilson on Ready for Love Radio

Join your host and Love Coach Nikki Leigh for a discussion with Relationship Coach Rach Wilson. Ready for Love Radio airs weekly on Thursday nights, 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern at If you miss[…]