Be the Strong Man a Woman Wants on Ready for Love Radio

What do women want? We tackle that age old question on Ready for Love Radio Do women want a bad boy? Do women want a nice guy? Do women want to “rule the roost”? Or –[…]

Half Dressed Young Couple Kissing by a Window

Kiss Your Partner’s Face and Neck

I have to admit that I love kissing – deep kisses that take your breath away kissing. So – the idea of writing a couple of articles about the many places on the body and[…]

More Passion and Intimacy in Long Term Relationship

Increase Passion and Intimacy in Your Long Term Relationship

Join me on Ready for Love radio for my interview with Todd Creager – marriage & sex therapist. We will discuss maintaining or adding more passion and intimacy to your long term relationship. Why is it[…]

From Adventurer Alone in Alaska to Cosmo Bachelor on Ready for Love Radio

On this podcast I am going to introduce you to an adventurer and scientist who spent 18 months alone in Alaska. We talk about his adventure in the wilds of Alaska and the wild adventures[…]

Carolyn Howard Johnson Discusses Long Term Relationships on Ready for Love Radio

I sit down with my long time friend Carolyn Howard Johnson to talk about her 55+ year marriage and about their relationship. Here are a few of the things we’ll discuss — 1 – How[…]

10 Reasons to Kiss Partner

10 Reasons to Kiss Your Partner….

Ten Reasons to Kiss Your Mate   Kissing lowers stress. Kissing burns calories. Kissing helps you look younger. Kissing can lift your spirits. Kissing is meditative. Kissing strengthens your marriage. Kissing builds desire. Kissing releases Oxytocin[…]

senior citizens benefits sex life

Senior Citizens Get Health Benefits From Active Sex Life

An active sex life into your 60’s and beyond can benefit your overall health. There are plenty of statistics which show this can encourage a person to live a very healthy lifestyle. For many people,[…]

senior citizen maintain sex life

Maintain Your Sex Life as You Age

Many people begin to worry about how to maintain their sex drive over 60. This can vary depending on the sex life they have had earlier in life. However, some people and especially women may[…]

Relax (98) (1072 x 1072)

Guest Post – Does ALL sex have to include intercourse…?

That’s a very good question. First we have to define what ‘intercourse’ is. To most people ‘intercourse’ involves the physical act of procreation. Literally; ‘intercourse’ actually means any type of conversation. Conversation is an important[…]

feel aroused

To Feel Aroused is to Feel Alive

“To feel aroused is to feel alive. Having great sex is like taking in huge lungfuls of fresh air, essential to your body, essential to your health, and essential to your life.”  ~ Fiona Thrust