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Love Prints Relationship Coaching - Helping You Discover Your Personal Love Print

Love Yourself Program

Are there signs you don't love yourself?
Do you beat up on yourself when doing things wrong?
Do you make excuses for yourself?
Do you cringe when you look in the mirror?
Are you never satisfied with your accomplishments?

These are indicators that you don't love yourself enough. If these things sound familiar - click to "read more" about this 12 week program!

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Who Needs a Love Coach

A coach helps people identify and change problem habits, improve the different aspects of their lives and to set and reach goals in life.

It is a partnership for you and a coach to work together in sessions that focus on your needs and other issues.

As a love coach, I want to help you identify things that are holding you back and set appropriate goals to move you and your life forward.

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Ebooks by Nikki Leigh

Relationship books by Nikki Leigh on a variety of love and relationship topics.

- Learn to Love Yourself
- Art of Kissing Head to Toe
- Importance of Touch

This also includes the first four lessons from the Learn to Love, Accept and Respect Yourself Program (including a discount coupon for the full program).

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Love Prints Relationship Coaching

Love & Relationship Coach Nikki Leigh works with single or married, men or women, to help them discover their own love print. Are you ready for love? Do you want to prepare for a loving relationship? Are you starting over and want to determine what went wrong before? There are many ways a love coach can help you in your personal relationships. Click the "contact me" button to contact Nikki. Google+

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