Celebrating My 6 Year Love Coaching Anniversary

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6 years ago this week, I passed my final exam after a year of studying – to complete my love coaching training. The initial lessons were completed and I had my certification and then all the other studying that I wanted to do would begin 🙂 To celebrate that anniversary, I want to do something special and unusual, so I asked my friend Pam McKenzie to take over the hosting duties for the show and this week she will be asking me the questions. We also put out a request for questions from listeners – and I’ll be answering many of those. Some of those questions will include:

  • Describe the basic course curriculum to become a love coach.
  • How long does the training take?
  • Is it online? On site? Or both?
  • What was your most interesting class?
  • How do you counsel your clients?
  • What made you decide to become a love coach?
  • Describe your ideal romantic/erotic encounter?
  • What is your opinion on long distance relationships?
  • What does it take to make them work?
  • What is your opinion on FB relationships?
  • How does a person reassure their partner that opposite sex friends are “just friends”?
  • What are some ways to share intimacy without actually having sex?
  • What’s your “go to” Romantic Dinner?
  • What advice would you give a woman who has never tried anal, but wants to?
  • What do you think the benefits and negative aspects are of multiple partner sex?
  • Have you heard about women who have had trouble having an orgasm?
  • Can you give me an idea for an unusual & unique idea for a new boyfriend?
  • Is it wrong to expect sex while I’m pregnant?
  • Can you offer any advise for a couple when the man climaxes before his partner
  • How can I get my man to spend time with me instead of masturbating on his own?

I mentioned 2 articles in the show – these are the links

http://www.readyforloveradio.com/threeseome-with-couple/ and http://www.readyforloveradio.com/threesomes-right-for-you-partner/

Multiorgasmic Lover with Jim Benson on Ready for Love Radio

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Most people are aware that women can have multiple orgasms, but  did you know that men can also have multiple orgasms? I know you may think I’m making that up or that I mean he can have multiple orgasms over the course of many hours with a lot of “down time” but that’s not what I’m talking about. This is very similar to multi orgasms that women can have. The first key is learning that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things. Once you understand that ejaculation is one thing that happens and orgasm is a separate thing that happens – then when you learn how to separate them and how to hold back your orgasm, you are well on your way to having incredible multiple orgasms. We’re going to discuss that and much more in this Ready for Love podcast. (Check below for a special offer just for my listeners.)

This podcast airs Thursday July 21, 2016 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

on www.newvisionsradio.com 

or listen on the New Visions Radio Apps

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These are some of the things we’ll discuss –

  1. So how did you get into this very interesting line of work?
  2. There are a lot of “sexperts” out there, but not a lot who claim that they help men become multiorgasmic. Is this a real thing?
  3. What are the keys to becoming a multiorgasmic lover?
  4. Can you say more about the mindset that guys should cultivate as they try to attain this goal?
  5. What pitfalls to men encounter as they start this journey?
  6. Can any guy do it? What if he’s older, and has lower testosterone levels?
  7. A lot of guys try to last longer in bed by thinking of unpleasant things, like taxes, or Hillary Clinton. Do you recommend those kinds of distraction techniques?
  8. Are there any great stories you want to tell us about guys who have had success with your training?
About the Multi Orgasmic Lover Program AND A Special Discount 
Jim is offering a Special Discount to my Listeners Until July 31st 
Go to www.jimbenson.net and enter the coupon code NIKKI40 to get $40 off the price only until July 31, 2016.
About Jim Benson –
Jim Benson has dedicated his life to coaching men to have breakthroughs in the bedroom. His programs synthesize the best practices across disciplines to create a powerful transformative environment for men to experience more personal pleasure and relationship satisfaction. His MultiOrgasmic Lover for Men Home Study program has sold over 3500 copies worldwide, and his Awakened Masculine men’s trainings have helped hundreds of men in the past 12 years make positive, lasting changes in their lives.
Jim has created and led tantra workshops internationally with Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. A “teacher’s teacher,” he leads Skydancing Tantra Teacher’s Trainings in the US and Europe. Jim has also trained as a professional coach at the Coaches Training Institute and he holds the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from the International Coach Federation. A graduate of the Interchange Counseling program, Jim has over 3000 hours of individual, relationship and group coaching experience.

Neuroloveology with Dr Ava Cadell on Ready for Love Radio

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Dr Ava Cadell, the founder of Loveology University, is my guest on this Ready for Love radio podcast. Meeting Dr Ava over 8 years ago was the beginning of my journey that created some incredibly positive changes in my attitude and my life – and my coaching training has helped me to create some great changes throughout the last 7 years. So, I’m very pleased to introduce you all to Dr Ava and to share information about this interesting book. I’m still reading my copy and find such interesting information 😉 We will talk about Loveology University and we will delve into details about Dr Ava’s book Neuroloveolgy: The Power to Mindful Power to Love and Sex.

Ready for Love Radio

Thursdays 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific

Airing on www.newvisionsradio.com

Or listen on the New Visions Radio App

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You can visit Dr Ava’s Loveology University website at www.avacadell.com

She also has a news site at www.sexpert.com

She is the president of the American College of Sexologists – http://www.americancollegeofsexologists.org/

These are some of the things we’ll talk about –

1. What is NeuroLoveology?
2. Why did you write this book?
3. What do you mean by Mindful love & sex?
4. What are some common internal and external distractions that stop people from having sex?
5. What are Passion Assassins and how can you defeat them?
6. What’s the biggest difference between the male and female brain?
7. How can we be more compatible with our partner?
8. What is the strongest sense when it comes to desire?
9. How can you use the senses to enhance passion?
10. What is a BrainGasm?
36139_1645555828311_1519354827_31609254_512819_n (1)About Dr Ava Cadell

Dr. Ava Cadell has earned a Doctorate in Human Behavior and one in Human Sexuality. Through her private practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Ava counsels some of Hollywood’s elite on issues that range from lack of communication, low libido to power struggles and infidelity. When TV shows want ratings, they call Dr. Ava Cadell!

Dr. Ava is the president of the American College of Sexologists and also the founder of Loveology University where she provides a variety of certified programs from The Love Coach, Master Sexpert to Certified Romantic. Individual courses are also available in audio, video, eBook & slide show formats. All of Loveology University’s courses offer credits for therapists, counselors and nurses who require annual CEU’s in California.

Dr. Ava is also an accomplished author of seven books is for couples that want to make their sex lives more playful, passionate and unpredictable. She has lectured to pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurial organizations, religious groups, medical institutes, women’s conferences and universities all over the world.

About NeuroLoveology –

NeuroLoveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex explores how the brain processes attraction, relationships, conflict and sex. Each chapter will introduce the science and psychology behind the various elements of an adult romantic relationship while also including the tools to enhance that relationship, emotionally and sexually. There have been huge advances in the studies of neuroscience, which have given us an even greater understanding of the complicated ways in which the brain receives, accepts and transmits the millions of stimuli it encounters on a daily basis. One of the most fascinating aspects of these studies is the careful unraveling of the exact magic behind love and attraction.

Readers will discover new ways to make their environment more love-friendly so that the mind and body is ready, willing and able to give and receive love. This experiential, playful, hands-on book will offer the tools to create a love-changing experience that will last a lifetime.  A myriad of romantic, sensual and erotic TO DO’s are included throughout the book, marked with a special icon. Additionally throughout the book, there will be words of wisdom by experts in the field of neuroscience and the science of love and sex in a sidebar entitled, Genius Corner.

Rape Culture and the Brock Turner Case

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The rape of Emily Doe by Brock Turner and the 6 month sentence he received has sparked outrage throughout the country. This week is the 100th show on the Ready for Love podcast and I wanted to tackle something special and this is the topic I picked. Turner is definitely NOT special. But the topic of the rape culture, the mistreatment of women and men who are assaulted is a subject that is very personal to me. This is a show that’s very tough to do, but it needs to be done and I want to tackle it and share this discussion with the listeners. There are some really tough moments and I ask you to bear with me.

This is also the story of a young woman that has been through hell – sadly I understand at least a part of her story and struggle and I applaud the strength, the maturity, and the class she shows in how she handles this. She is NOT a victim. Even in the moments when she hid so she could cry, when she was late for work or didn’t know if she could face the judge, her family or the court, she was and is a survivor. For every rape survivor — we send you our support and our respect. You may never know how much you are admired for what you’ve done.

This show airs Thursday July 7, 2016 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern

on www.newvisionsradio.com

or use the New Visions Radio mobile apps

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Jen Dent from Project Consent is my guest – she has done extensive research about the case, she has blogged about it and put together a great Vlog – you will find links to all kinds of information about the case below and more information about the work Jen is doing and also links to Project Consent – you should definitely check out what they are doing. And, if you’d like to volunteer and help out, definitely reach out to them, there is always something you can do to help. I’d also like to give a shout out to my friend Lauren Hill for joining us on the call and sharing her thoughts and comments on this important case – and I’m pretty sure she’ll be listening to the show in the chatroom with me at show time 🙂

Links to More Info –

Vlog – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In9EiVZu9L4&feature=youtu.be

Brock Turner Case Breakdown – http://www.projectconsent.com/articles/brock-turner-breakdown

Emily Doe Statement – https://www.buzzfeed.com/katiejmbaker/heres-the-powerful-letter-the-stanford-victim-read-to-her-ra


Turner’s Father’s Letter – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/brock-turner-dad-letter-is-rape-culture-in-a-nutshell_us_57555bace4b0ed593f14cb30

Turner’s Mother’s Letter – http://abcnews.go.com/US/brock-turners-mother-foresaw-public-outcry-stanford-swimmer/story?id=39764068

Letter to Turner’s Dad – http://www.foreverymom.com/brock-turner-letter-dad-dan-turner-whitney-fleming/

Outrage over Sentence – http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/06/us/sexual-assault-brock-turner-stanford/

Teachable Moment – http://www.eastbaytimes.com/breaking-news/ci_30056855/parents-brock-turner-case-teachable-moment-about-sexual

Two Students the Stopped Turner – http://www.teenvogue.com/story/carl-fredrik-arndt-peter-jonsson-stop-stanford-rapist-brock-allen-turner

Turner Banned from Swimming – http://abcnews.go.com/US/usa-swimming-bans-stanford-student-brock-turner-life/story?id=39752826

Turner Blames Party Culture – http://abcnews.go.com/US/stanford-student-brock-turner-blames-party-culture-sexual/story?id=39702144

Key Witness – http://abcnews.go.com/US/key-witness-stanford-sexual-assault-case-breaks-silence/story?id=39695693

About Jen Dent –

Jen Dent is a registered nurse with a Masters degree in healthcare education. She worked for many years in surgery. After that, she taught at the nursing school that she graduated from. Currently, she works as a nursing supervisor for a home care agency. She oversees the care of patients who need help carrying out their daily activities on their own.

Jen is the author of three books (listed below). She is also a staff writer and monthly vlogger for Project Consent (www.projectconsent.com), a nonprofit organization that serves as an advocate of a future in which rape culture no longer exists to belittle survivors and liken assault to a joke. For the year that Project Consent has been up and running, they have expanded to a flourishing platform with a global outreach to promote consent in every community. By providing a supportive platform for survivors and listeners alike, they aim to dismantle the harmful motion that sexual assault should ever be accepted and affirm that consent should never be assumed or owed.

Jen is very well known in the world of social media. She is a prolific Vine star who is known for her eponymous channel. She gained particular popularity for her comedic 6-second vignettes posted there, as well as her advocacy for sexual assault awareness and victims’ rights. She also runs a popular YouTube channel (jentotheden) where she posts similar content.

She founded the Phoenix Phoundation on Vine to raise money and awareness for survivors of sexual assault. She has also served as a contributor to the Project Consent online publication. She is a registered nurse and she’s worked with Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). She is  a Nationally Credentialed Advocate for victims of crime.

Contact Information:

Twitter: jentotheden

YouTube: jentotheden

Vine: Jen Dent



Project Consent Email: support@projectconsent.com

Project Consent: projectconsent.com


Project Consent: @consentproject

Project Consent Founder Sara Li on Ready for Love Radio

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Understanding consent isn’t that complicated, but there seems to be confusion each day. Recently I was checking out a new post on my friend Paul Bagge’s Ecstatic Sensations Facebook page and saw a post from Project Consent and I clicked to check it out. Once I got to the page I was hooked and I kept scrolling down the page to check out more and more posts – they have a great selection of information on the page and so far, I’ve noticed they update it on a very regular basis.

So I was intrigued and it was clear that I had to ask the people behind the scenes to be on Ready for Love radio, so I set them a message with an invitation to be on the show with me. In this podcast, you will meet Sara Li, the nineteen year old founder of Project Consent.

Ready for Love Radio 

Thursdays 6 pm PT/9 pm ET


Or listen on the New Visions Radio Apps

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Some Things We Discuss

  • You have an organization called Project Consent – tell us what it is
  • The oddity of running a viral global organization at 17
  • Your perspective on healthy relationships/love as a college student, director of Project Consent, etc
  • The personal reason why you started Project Consent
  • How Project Consent changed your personal life
  • What were your friends/peers reactions to Project Consent
  • What has been the hardest thing about your work?
  • What has been the most rewarding thing about your work?
  • Would you like to share your most unusual experience?
  • What about your work, makes you happy to wake up every morning?
  • What proved that this work was what you were meant to do?
  • What are some suggestions you have for people to turn their life around?
  • What do you personally want/need from an intimate relationship?

Sara Li - Project ConsentAbout Sara Li and Project Consent 

I’m a nineteen year old sophomore at the University of Kansas where I am studying journalism and creative writing. Aside from being your “typical” student, I also run a global non-profit called Project Consent that has the average monthly viewing of 400,000 people from around the world. Project Consent aims to raise awareness about sexual assault and to support survivors in every country. The very unique thing about PC is that I started it as a high school junior and it’s not run by a corporation or institution; it’s a network born out of my childhood bedroom and it’s one of the leading organizations against sexual assault. Aside from PC, I’m also a writing contributor (MTV, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog) and a blogger (omfgsara.com) and someone who looks to empower others. I was SheRa Mag’s December covergirl for Positivity and Empowerment and have a lot of interesting tidbits of advice and philosophy from my professional and personal life.

Contact Information

Project Consent Email: support@projectconsent.com

Website URL

Facebook URL

Twitter Name

  • Personal: @saruhli
  • Project Consent: @consentproject

The Stress Solution By Dr Arthur Ciaramicoli

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Stress is an issue for many people in the 21st century. Empathy is something that many people are lacking and resilience is something that we can definitely use in our lives. Dr. Ciaramicoli shares wonderful information in this interview to help us make exciting changes in our lives to be happier, have less stress and make interesting changes for ourselves and in our relationships. You can join us

Thursday June 23rd 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

Airing on www.newvisionsradio.com 

Or listen on the New Visions Radio Apps

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  • What is Empathic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
  • Why have our stress rates risen so dramatically?
  • What is the definition of empathy?
  • How come empathy is often confused with sympathy?
  • How does being empathic lessen our stress levels?
  • How do we rid ourselves of old negative stories we created about ourselves?
  • Do we need to talk about the past to reduce our stress and anxiety levels?
  • You mention prejudice being a cause of stress in your book, how so?
  • What is missing in our society that so many successful people lead unsatisfied lives?
  • Why is being authentic so important to reducing stress?
  • What is Performance Addiction?

About Dr Arthur Ciaramicoli EdD, PhD, –  is a licensed clinical psychologist and the chief medical officer of soundmindz.org, a popular mental health platform. He has been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and chief psychologist of Metrowest Medical Center. The author of several books, including The Power of Empathy and Performance Addiction, he lives with his family in Massachusetts.

Website – http://www.balanceyoursuccess.com

The Stress Solution: Using Empathy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Develop Resilience – https://www.amazon.com/Stress-Solution-Cognitive-Behavioral-Resilience-ebook/dp/B01FNG0TN8 Continue reading

Improving Your Quality of Life and Self Esteem

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Join me on this podcast of Ready for Love radio with my guest Paula Renaye. She is also a coach. We will discuss what it means to be a coach, how she got into coaching, how energy or “spirituality” figure into our relationships and intimacy and so much more.

Ready for Love Radio airs Thursday nights 

6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern


Or listen on the New Visions Radio apps

If you missed the show, click below for the replay – 

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For more information about RockOut to KnockOut Cancer, check the links below.

To make a donation of ANY amount to RockOut to KnockOut Cancer – go to the GoFundMe page – https://www.gofundme.com/268ebn44

RockOut to KnockOut Cancer 2016 in Pittsburgh PA – July 30, 2016 https://www.facebook.com/events/799468130173805/

We also share details about the upcoming 

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Links for more info – 

Roylin Down’s Store – http://www.trystology.com/

Roylin Down’s Blog – http://www.trystology.net/

Open Her with Karen Brody

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Male masculinity is a topic for discussion on this Ready for Love radio podcast. Karen Brody is my guest and the author of Open Her – Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse your Woman’s Love & Desire.  Why should men and how should men get in touch with their masculinity? How does it impact the women in their lives when their man understands and exudes their masculinity? We will discuss this and much more.

Ready for Love Radio 

Thursday Nights 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern

Airing on www.newvisionsradio.com

or on the New Visions Radio apps 

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Some of the topics we talk about –

  • What set you on this path?
  • What inspired you to write Open Her?
  • What difficulties did you face?
  • What was your highest purpose with the book?
  • What was your highest purpose working with men?
  • How do men react with a woman helping them with masculinity?
  • What has been your biggest personal challenge?
  • What have you learned about men that women would want to know?

Karen BrodyKaren Brody teaches a man how to embody his lost, or disengaged masculine powers, found in such irresistible masculine archetypes as The Artist, The Warrior and The Dark Knight, and to use these powers to deliver what women secretly want in love. Karen has helped thousands of men to claim their masculine power (in a good way), and to learn how to share their masculine gifts with women to ignite attraction, passion and love! Her book, Open Her, Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse your Woman’s Love & Desire, is a must-read for any man who loves women, and wants a deeply-satisfied woman in his life.